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Red Dragon Assault Corps

The tyrant king and his men pillage villages and attack innocent people.

The king has mis-guided you! He has blinded you to the truth! While he

preaches his so called "Peace" his loyal knights round up innocent

people for crimes they had not commit! But there are those who are

dedicated to the truth, and loyal to only one true king, Lord Zamorak!

His teaching have shown the light and show we MUST defeat this

tyranny...a holy crusade begins.....

* you are walking down the streets of Varrock and exit the gate into a small village, you stop and notice a all to familiar site ,several knights of Varrock step in front of the door of a small wood hut and kick the door down, charging in the moment the door touches the ground. several seconds go bye and a old man is tossed out of the door and into the ground. The knights follow him and as one draws his sword and raises it to slash the man, a masked figure appears out of the darkness...the other two knights draw their sword and aim the tips at the figure. "You there! remove your mask at once!" the leader of the group says. the masked figure rolls both of his wrists in a circle allowing two red daggers, dripping with poison slide into his hands, the knights all take a step back and the leader orders the two other knights to kill the masked figure, as the knights charge and grow dangerously close, the figure lunges forward and passes between the two knights. both arms of the masked figure and crosses in front of him, the daggers next to his ears. after a moment the two knights falls to the ground and the figure aims one of the daggers at the one knight left. the knight turns and flees from the figure, moving as fast as he can. Yet the figure stops the knight with a throwing dagger to the back of the knights neck. you watch in amazment as the figure pulls out a card with a symbol on it, tossing it on a knights body and then disappearing into the night, you run to the knights body, picking up the card and taking a look at it....and you see:


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Dustinzzo Kami, May 10, 08 7:57 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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