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Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:24 AM EST : ~The Menu~

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~Welcome to the Copper Cauldron~

All recipes are made using only the finest and freshest of ingredients and are personally tasted to insure quality.

Chingarn Eagletalon


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:25 AM EST : ~Breakfast~

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 Herb Baked Egg (Level 7.  61hp18)  
A mild blend of spices are used to enchance this baked egg dish.
 Curiously Tasty Omelet (Level 25. 552hp24) 
A delicious blend of mystery meat and cheese is folded into this spicy Omelet.
 Monster Omelet ( Level 45. 1392hp30/12Sta&Spi.) 
This giant sized omelet is flavored with a blend of mild spices and cheeses.
 Blood Sausage (Level 5. 243 hp21/4 Sta&Spi)
Uncooked for those with a taste for blood.
 Spider Sausage (Level 35. 1392hp30/12 Sta&Spi)
White spider meat is used in this savory sausage.


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:27 AM EST : ~Appetizers~

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 Crispy Bat Wing (61hp18/2Sta&Spi/Level 7)
Tender bat wings breaded and fried to crispy perfection.
 Kaldorei Spider Kabob (61hp18/2Sta&Spi/Level7)
Small pieces of spider meat are skewered between layers of fruits and vegetables. 
 Beer Basted Boar Ribs (61hp18/2Sta&Spi/Level8)
Rhapsody Malt is used in the marinade for these flavorful ribs. 
 Bat Bites (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Tasty little nuggets of bat flesh fried until crispy.
 Crunchy Spider Surprise (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
The surprise is in the seasoning.
 Crispy Lizard Tail (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level12)
Tender on the inside and Crispy on the outside.
 Seasoned Wolf Kabob  (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Lean wolf flank and seasonings from Stormwind and skewered with an assortment of peppers.
 Succulent Pork Ribs  (552hp24/Level10)
Boar ribs and hot spices make for a finger licking good rack of ribs.
 Goblin Deviled Clams (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Hot and tangy.
 Barbecued Buzzard Wing (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level 25) 
Meaty buzzard wings marinated with our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce.
 Charred Bear Kabobs(1933hp27/24AP/Level45)
Lightly charred over an open fire.
 Buzzard Bites (4230hp30/20Sta&Spi/Level55)
Crispy little buzzard nuggets.
 Ravager Dog (4230hp30/40AP&20Spi/Level55)
Links of ground ravager flesh and spices.
 Crunchy Serpent (7500hp30/23SD&20Spi/Level55)
Breaded and fried to a delightful crunchiness.
 Mok'Nathal Shortribs (7500hp30/20Sta&Spi/Level55)
Raptor ribs slowed cooked to tender perfection.


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:30 AM EST : ~Soups and Stews~

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~Soups and Stews~

 Strider Stew (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level 5)
A classic favorite with strider meat and apples.

 Westfall Stew (552hp24/Level 5)
A real man's stew.

 Murloc Fin Soup (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level 15)
A spicy blend of Murloc fins and hot spices. 

 Dig Rat Stew (552hp24/Level 10)
 Clam Chowder (552hp24/Level 10)
Tender clams, fresh milk, and our special blend of mild spices make this clam chowder a feast for the senses.
 Redridge Goulash (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level 10)
Crisp Spider and tough Condor meat are cooked to tender perfection.

 Crocolisk Gumbo (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level 15)
Tender Crocolisk meat and hot spices meld to create this gumbo reminiscent of the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale.
 Heavy Crocolisk Stew (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level20)
Double the Croc in this stew makes it a filling favorite.

 Soothing Turtle Bisque (874p27/8Sta&Spi/Level 25)Turtle and spices combine to make a bisque that will soothe the hungry beast.
 Jungle Stew (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level 25)
This interesting blend of spring water, tiger meat, and apples gives a new twist to an old idea.

 Mystery Stew (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level 25)
This interesting blend of spring water, tiger meat, and apples gives a new twist to an old idea.

 Dragonbreath Chili (Belch flame at enemies for 10. Level 35)
If you like it hot, this is the dish for you!  Mystery meat, the flame sac from a dragon and hot spices will make you breathe fire.
 Heavy Kodo Stew (1392hp30/12Sta&Spi/Level 35)
Kodo meat blended with mild spices along with spring water make up this filling stew.
 Undermine Clam Chowder (1392hp30/Level 35)
Zesty clams, and hot spices are mellowed with fresh milk to make this creamy chowder.

 Nightfin Soup (874hp27/8mp5/Level 35)
Tender Nightfin filets in a light soup.

 Lobster Stew (2148hp30/Level 45)
Tender Darkclaw Lobster flavors this delicious stew.
 Runn Tum Tuber Surprise (1933hp27/10Int/Level45)
Lightly seasoned Tubers make up this delicious dish.

 Skullfish Soup (7200mp30/20SC&Spi/Level65)
Crescent-Tail Skullfish lightly seasoned in a creamy soup.

 Stewed Trout (7500hp30/Level65)
Lightly seasoned trout stewed in a flavorful port sauce.


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:31 AM EST : ~Fish~

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 Brilliant Smallfish (61hp18/Level5)
Tender fillets of fish cooked to flaky perfection.
 Slitherskin Mackerel (61mp18/Level5)
Flaky and delicious.
 Fillet of Frenzy  (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Soft Frenzy Flesh and mild spices, a tasty treat.
 Boiled Clams (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Clams flash boiled in refreshing spring water to keep their flavor and tenderness. 
 Longjaw Mud Snapper (243hp21/Level5)
Wrapped with leaves, tied then coated from the mud of their home.  A slow roasted, tasty favorite.
 Loch Frenzy Delight (243hp21/Level5)
Lightly seasoned with our favorite blend of mild spices.
 Rainbow Fin Albacore (243hp21/Level5)
Light and tasty.
 Crab Cake (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Fresh crawler lightly seasoned and pattied.
 Smoked Sagefish (378hp&567mp21/3mp5/Level5)
Mildly spiced and smoked over our favorite hardwood.
 Savory Deviate Delight 
Eat me!
 Cooked Crab Claw (294hp&mp21/Level5)
Soaked in mildly seasoned spring water and broiled in the shells.
 Bristle Whisker Catfish (552hp24/Level15)
Lightly braised.
 Giant Clam Scorcho (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level25)
Hot and spicy giant clams.
 Rockscale Cod (874hp27/Level25)
Tender fried fillets.
 Mithril Headed Trout (874hp27/Level25)
Baked skin-on to show the scales and filleted at the table.
 Sagefish Delight (840hp&1260mp21/6mp5/Level30)
Rubbed with hot spices, a delightful dish.
 Spiced Chili Crab (1392hp30/12Sta&Spi/Level 40)
Tender crab and hot spices make this a delicacy worth trying.
 Cooked Glossy Mightfish (874hp27/10Sta/Level35)
Lightly seasoned and cooked over an open fire.
 Spotted Yellowtail (1392hp30/Level35)
Tail is left on to show off the spots.
 Filet of Redgill  (1392hp30/Level35)
Flaky and naturally seasoned.
 Grilled Squid (874hp27/10Agi/Level35)
Soaked in mildly seasoned spring water and grilled to tenderness.
 Hot Smoked Bass (874hp27/10Spi/Level35)
Rubbed with hot spices and slow smoked.
 Poached Sunscale Salmon (874hp27/6hp5/Level35)
Poached for those looking for something lighter.
 Mightfish Steak (4320hp30/10Sta/Level45)
A delicious combination of spices flavor this big piece of fish.
 Baked Salmon (2148hp30/Level45)
Tender whitescale salmon seasoned with soothing spices and baked to perfection.
 Blackened Trout (4320hp30/Level55)
Rubbed with pepper and lightly charred.
 Feltail Delight (4320hp30/20Sta&Spi/Level55)
Simply delightful.
 Broiled Bloodfin (4320hp30/8Resis/Level55)
Broiled to tender flakiness.
 Blackened Sporefish (4320hp30/20Sta&8mp5/Level55)
Charred on the outside, white and tasty inside.
 Grilled Mudfish (7500hp30/20Agi&Spi/Level55)
Grilled lightly over an open fire.
 Poached Bluefish (7500hp30/23SD&20Spi/Level55)
Poached for a light flavorful treat.
 Golden Fish Sticks (7500hp30/44Heal&20Spi/Level55)
Lightly breaded and deep fried.
 Spicy Crawdad (7500hp30/30Sta&20Spi/Level55)
The secret is to make them furious before you cook them.
 Fisherman's Feast (7500hp30/30Sta&20Spi/Level65)
A hearty meal for those with a big appetite.
 Hot Buttered Trout (7500hp/7200mp30/Level65)
Rubbed in seasonings then fried in herbed butter.


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:32 AM EST : ~Meat~

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  Charred Wolf Meat (61hp18)
Slow cooked and charred for tenderness.
 Roasted Boar Meat (61hp18)
Slow roasted for flavor.
 Lynx Steak (61hp18/2Sta&Spi)
Grilled to seal in the juices.
 Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin (61hp18/2Sta&Spi)
Roasted over an open flame.
 Spiced Wolf Meat (61hp18/2Sta&Spi)
Mildly spiced and delicious.
 Roasted Kodo Meat (61hp18/2Sta&Spi)
Mild seasonings and slow roasting make this a family favorite.
 Smoked Bear Meat (243hp21/Level5)
Slow smoked over our signature hardwoods.
 Coyote Steak (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Cooked to order.
 Crocolisk Steak (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Mild spices are sprinkled liberally over this steak before preparation.
 Dry Pork Ribs (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Sauce free pork ribs.
 Big Bear Steak (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Spicy and more than enough for the biggest appetite.
 Lean Venison (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Stag meat heavily seasoned to take away the wild taste.
 Hot Lion Chops (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
A delicious blend of hot spices add a zing to these chops.
 Lean Wolf Steak (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Lean meat and mild spices make this guilt-free.
 Tasty Lion Steak (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level20)
Lots of meat and a little seasoning make this delicious and filling.
 Roast Raptor (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level25)
Raptor and hot spices coupled for a spicy meal.
 Hot Wolf Ribs (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level25)
Hot and spicy.
 Carrion Surprise (874hp27/8Sta&Spi/Level25)
We'll tell you later.
 Tender Wolf Steak (1392hp30/12Sta&Spi/Level40)
Slow cooked with soothing spices.
 Juicy Bear Burger (1933hp27/14SD&Heal/Level45)
Thick, juicy, and delicious. 
 Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops (4320hp30/25Sta/Level55)
Tough but tasty.
 Stormchops (Zap enemies for 30min)
These will boost your energy.
 Blackened Basilisk (7500hp30/23SD&20Spi/Level55)
Pepper blackened basilisk, seared to perfection.
 Roasted Clefthoof (7500hp30/20Str&Spi/Level55)
Slow roasted to tenderness.
 Warp Burger (7500hp30/20Agi&Spi/Level55)
Tasty if you can catch them.
 Talbuk Steak (7500hp30/20Sta&Spi/Level55)
Grilled to order.
 Spicy Hot Talbuk (7500hp30/20HR&Spi/Level65)
Rubbed with hot spices and lightly charred. 


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:34 AM EST : ~Drinks~

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 Egg Nog (61hp18/2Sta&Spi/Level10)
This holiday favorite packs a punch.
 Thistle Tea (Rogue:  Restores 100 energy/Level5)
Rogues seem to favor this restorative draught.
 Captain Rumsey's Lager  (10Fish/Tipsy)
A drink to help those fish tales grow longer.
 Goldthorn Tea (1344.6mp27/Level25)
Hot and refreshing.
 Hot Apple Cider (7200mp30/20Sta&Spi/Level65)
Delicious after a day of playing in the snow.


Chingarn (SuperAdmin) 5/24/2008 8:35 AM EST : ~Desserts~

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 Gingerbread Cookie (61hp18/2Sta&Spi/Level7)
These delightfully decorated cookies are a holiday favorite.
 Spice Bread (61hp18/Level5)
Sweet and fresh out of the oven.
 Delicious Chocolate Cake (Very happy for 1 hour/Level1)
Decadently rich, and beautifully decorated.
 Gooey Spider Cake (552hp24/6Sta&Spi/Level15)
Hot, sweet, and sticky.
 Smoked Desert Dumplings (2148hp30/20Str/Level45)
The sweet flesh of the sandworm is rolled into these tasty dumplings.
 Clam Bar (4320hp30/20Sta&Spi/Level55)
Chewy and delicious.
 Goretusk Liver Pie (243hp21/4Sta&Spi/Level5)
Goretusk Liver and soothing spices combine to make a flavorful experience.
 Scorpid Surprise (294hp21/Level8)
Watch out for the poison sacs.

~Pet Treats~

 Kibler's Bits (Pet:20Str&Spi/Level55)
Pet tested, hunter approved.
 Sporeling Snack (Pet:20Sta&Spi/Level55)
A tasty treat for your pet.


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