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Tiempko (SuperAdmin) 6/23/2009 9:26 AM EST : Storage in Addernotch Station

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I am attempting to create a system where the kinship chests are actually useful to people.

I have a vision. A group of Bounders, or even a single Bounder, is getting ready to go out on a mission. This is a dangerous mission that the character(s) might not survive unless well equipped - a fellowship mission, or a Bounder going into an area that is particularly challenging for his or her level.

One needs supplies.

So, instead of going to the auction house, the Bounder(s) stop by the kinship house. They find food in the first pantry, medicine in the Medicine Chest, and supplies ranging from battle lore and warding scrolls to traps to shield spikes, to marbles and stun dust in the third chest.

Those who take out should consider it obligatory to put back or to pay back as good and as much as one takes out. This can be in the form of cooking food and adding it to the pantry, making expendables that one can make but does not need in exchange for what one needs but cannot make, and the like.

The Pantry

Conel has agreed to be in charge of the Pantry (the chest in the Keg room).

This does not mean that it is his job to do all of the cooking and to pay for all of the food. Other cooks are encouraged to add their favorite foods to the pantry. Those who cannot cook are free to take food, but should also donate fruits and vegetables (if one is a farmer), or help Conel to pay for ingredients.

Currently, the Pantry is stuffed with Level 20 foods. I think some Level 30 foods should also be stored there.

The Medicine Chest

I have been stocking the medicine chest (the chest in the fungus room). I have gone to the medical supplier in the center of Addernotch and bought stacks of medicines for the chest. I have also been depositing whatever I find when I go out on my adventures.

Level 0 through 20 medicines are substantially worthless.

At Level 30, medicines are useful for reducing the prolonged and significantly harmful effects of disease, wounds, poison, and fear. So, Bounders are encouraged to take whatever Level 30 medicines they wish out of the chest. (Level 30 medicines are useful for characters on quests Level 20-30.)

I usually find that I collect more medicines than I need when I am out on an adventure, but they are usually of too low a level to be useful. So, one of my common sources of new medicines to add to the chest is what I get from adventures.

Iffen you can add whatever Level 30+ medicines you collect on your adventures to the medicine chest, that would be appreciated.

The Supply Cabinet

The Supply Room (the chest in the back room) is currently cluttered with armor and furniture that will likely do nothing but sit in the chest and collect dust until the end of time. So, I would like to get rid of them and replace them with the kinds of things that characters might use up but cannot always make for themselves without going to the Auction House.

This includes such things as battle lore and warding scrolls, fire oil, light oil, caltrops, stun dust, bow chants, marbles, traps, shield spikes, crafting scrolls.

Now, I know that few Bounders come to this site and read the announcements. So, for those of you who do come here, please try to inform the other players of this effort and to encourage their cooperation.


Aeyrfast (Officer) 6/23/2009 9:37 PM EST : RE: Storage in Addernotch Station
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Understandable and a great vision Sir.  I have received word from Aeyriadoc that he will be able to take on the responsibilities that we discussed last night.  He was wondering though - what is the deadline for cleansing the chest so that he can begin filling it with the desired expendables.

Characters: Aeyrfast Aeyriadoc

Tiempko (SuperAdmin) 6/23/2009 9:42 PM EST : RE: Storage in Addernotch Station

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Anything that is not out of the chest by July 1st will be the property of Aeyriadoc to do with as he pleases, as long as it is taken out of the station.


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