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Mottie (SuperAdmin) 1/12/2009 4:26 AM EST : GP Ideas
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CSS Classes/Ideas

Existing CSS in grey, suggested one are in green.

Overall Page
  • PageWrapper
  • StateBar  - maybe give us an option to move it below the tab bar?
  • BannerArea
  • TabBar - maybe allow users to move this to the top of the page? and have a smaller version, with just links, at the bottom of the page.)
    • Tab - Add an ID for each tab would be nice as well. Something like "tab_Home" or even a numbered tab - "tab#"
    • topTabLink - I'm not even sure this one is necessary, as you can access the links with ".Tab a {}", well, I'm pretty sure LOL
    • SelectedTab
    • UnSelectedTab
    • UnSelectedTabMo
  • ContentWrapper
  • ContentWrapperTable
  • ContentRow
  • LeftContentZone
  • LeftContentSpacer
  • CenterContentZone
  • RightContentSpacer
  • RightContentZone
  • PageFooter
  • toolTipHeader - Allow users to change this from the control panel
  • dhtmltooltip - Allow users to change this from the control panel
Content Boxes
  • ContentBox
    • It would be nice to have a content box id for each box based on the title (e.g. the example HTML below using "box_$block[title]")
    • Maybe adding CSS classes similar to what I have below as the default content box HTML. It's all based on CSS classes and therefore would make changing the themes easier. To be honest, making the title background limited to 159 px wide makes designing the box borders a bit difficult. The HTML below is from this post.
<div class="ContentBox" id="box_$block[title]">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
  <td class="TopLeft">&nbsp;</td>
  <td class="TopBackground">
   <div class="TopTitleBox">
    <div class="ContentBoxTitle">$block[title]&nbsp;</div>
  <td class="TopRight">&nbsp;</td>
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
  <td class="LeftSide" valign="top"><div class="LeftTop"></div></td>
  <td class="ContentBoxBody">$block[content]&nbsp;</td>
  <td class="RightSide" valign="top"><div class="RightTop"></div></td>
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
  <td class="BottomLeft">&nbsp;</td>
  <td class="BottomBackground">&nbsp;</td>
  <td class="BottomRight">&nbsp;</td>
  • ContentBoxTitle
  • ContentBoxTitleNoBackground  - Is this one necessary?
  • ContentBoxBody - ContentBox is used again when there are no content box borders... can we keep this as ContentBoxBody?
  • ContentBoxEdit - Add a class for the edit button, so we can hide it? I really don't think the "who's online" content box needs one. Or maybe allow admin to hide/show all edit buttons on a page (maybe at the bottom of the page) - like have an "edit" mode for the page.
  • NormGridRow
  • AltGridRow
  • MoGridRow

  • ForumTitleHeaderCell
  • ForumTopicCountHeaderCell
  • ForumPostCountHeaderCell
  • ForumLastPostInfoHeaderCell
  • ForumIconCell
  • ForumTitleCell
  • ForumTopicCountCell
  • ForumPostCountCell
  • ForumLastPostInfoCell
  • ForumCategoryHeader - It would be nice to have ID's on these boxes as well, to add a different color/icon to each header
  • ForumDescriptionText
  • ForumSearch - A class for the search box... not sure if it's really necessary, but maybe
  • ForumMostRecent - Most recent activity box (I know it has an ID, but I've seen the ID change from site to site "ctl00" to "ctl01"... etc.
  • ForumLegend - Maybe separate this box out from the forums, because it isn't added when custom forum icons are used.
  • TopicIconHeaderCell
  • TopicTitleHeaderCell
  • TopicReplyCountHeaderCell
  • LastPosterHeaderCell
  • TopicViewCountHeaderCell
  • TopicLastPostHeaderCell
  • TopicIconCell
  • TopicTitleCell
  • TopicReplyCountCell
  • TopicLastPosterCell
  • TopicViewCountCell
  • TopicLastPostCell

  • MessageAuthorLinkCell1
  • MessageSubjectCell1
  • MessageDirectLink - Add this to replace the current second MessageSubjectCell1 that contains the post link... maybe allow us to replace this with an icon?
  • MessageAuthorInfoCell1
  • MessageBodyCell1
  • MessageTopBottomCell1
  • MessageToolsCell1 
  • MessageSignature - A class for the signature in each forum message
(modified from this post - combined the "side" and "main" into "Event", since you can access it with ".CenterContentZone .EventCalendar")
  • EventCalendar - same as #ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ctl00_monthlyCalendar
  • EventCalendarMySignups - styling for the "my signups" text (div inside the #calendarOtherViewLinks box, which didn't exist before did it? LOL)
  • EventCalendarMonthTitleContainer - contains title, links to previous and next month.
  • EventCalendarMonthTitle - Current month name
  • EventCalendarDaysofWeek - Day of the week header ("S M T W T F S")
  • EventCalendarWeek - Class for an entire week (each row of the table)
  • EventCalendarDaysofMonth - Class for each day in the month (every cell of the table)
  • EventCalendarDaysOutsideThisMonth - Displayed days outside of the current month (cells)
  • EventCalendarEvent - A day that contains an event
  • EventCalendarThisWeek - Current week
  • EventCalendarToday - Class for today
  • EventCalendarNextWeek - Next week
  • EventCalendarTooltipTitle - A class I added for the title name in the tooltips that popup with event information when the calendar is positioned in a side column.

GuildPortal Ideas/Suggestions
Overall Site
  • Customizing - Can you give us more variables to work with? At this time, all we have to use is $block[username]. It would be nice to have variables that provide information for who's online, access to roster names, titles, medals, ranks, events and maybe even the images that have been added... Hopefully they would be useable in javascript arrays.
  • Page Loading - Set up the page so that the state bar, banner and tab bars don't reload with the rest of the page. This would allow the admin to add a flash banner or music player that won't reload on every page change
  • Themes & Styles
    • Would it be possible to have the control panel read and update the Custom CSS and display those values as the default in the page background, site layout, text, content box styles and forum styling... that way if someone decides to add one line into the Custom StyleSheet, it doesn't turn off the default styling.
    • Or if the Custom StyleSheet gets completely erased, it sets the values back to default. This may also allow you to add themes to the site much easier - all you'd have to save would be the Content box custom HTML and the CSS.
  • Content Box Modules
    • Can you add an option that allows people to add modules? *cough* like me... allow admin/users to submit a content box module to you, that once added to the overall site, can be selected from the content box "type" menu. Then it just adds the code into the box so they can customize it.
    • Oh and also provide a link so the user knows where to look for specific instructions on customizing. This would be easier than having to write a front end for each module (I think). It would also help to have some way to update an XML file with data, or a way to save variables to the specific guild site.
  • Cookies - For some reason, I can't add a cookie script into any boxes now. So I ended up hosting a small script on the Axiom site. Well this causes cross-domain issues now. Any way to fix this?
Guild Settings
  • Add a Welcome Page option
  • Announcements & New messages show up in a Growl window?... like the message "You have applied to this group and your membership is pending review by an administrator."
  • Recruiting Window - For Warcraft, just list the class and not the specialization... then allow the admin to add text instead of numbers.
  • Allow Admin to add notes about a member
  • Allow viewing medals in the forums (if selected)
Site Pages
  • Display options - Add a hover tab button image
  • Sound - I've never used this, but what file types does it support? Can admin add a flash file here? Does it use the HTML tag <bgsound>?
Page Styles
  • Farbtastic/Color Selector (Page, Box and Forum)
    • This is a nice feature but gets annoying when you mouse out and it stays there. I've switched tabs and had the color box is still showing.
    • There is also a problem with the way it adds the hex color... the css ends up having two #'s and thus the browser ignores it (see this post)
    • Does this allow adding a "transparent" color? - hmmm I guess ThemeRoller has an opacity setting.
  • Page Background Postion (2 variables) - Add "top,bottom,center" and "left,right,center" or allow them to add numbers (e.g. 100px)
  • StateBar - Allow admin to change the control panel icon and join guild icons to match their them
  • Announcements - Make this popup using Growl? (I see some code was added for this)
  • Banner - Add an image preview?
  • Facebox - Allow users to change the color/style from the control panel.
  • Tab Images
    • Add "Hover Images URL" column, or maybe allow admin to add flash buttons.
    • Or, allow admins to replace the tab bar with a flash one (like one from
  • Tab Bar Styles
    • Allow adding a tab to off-site pages (ie Paypal or a DKP page)
    • Add ability to hide a tab
  • Custom StyleSheet - When using the "Insert Class" & "Insert Attribute" menu, it adds the CSS at the bottom of the box with a carriage return and a zero?
  • Post Emoticons - Allow users to add more (posted here)
  • File Manager
    • A way to edit the files online would be nice.
    • Allow making subfolders
    • When a file is deleted, adding the file name to the confirmation would help, just in case the wrong one was clicked (maybe I'm just paranoid)
Specific Content Boxes
  • Content Boxes - Add an option for each box to turn the box borders on and off (for individual content boxes)
  • Calendar
    • Add Event icons
    • Add more calendar styles (listed above)
  • DKP - Add a way to import data from the game (WoW addon) or from other sites (e.g. eqDKP)
  • Events
    • Add event icons
    • Choose how many upcoming events to display
  • Forums
    • Add sub forums?
    • Recent Activity option to only show the original thread and not each response (requested in this post)
    • Add the ability to rate a post... that way more highly rated posts can be moved higher in the post listing (just below sticky posts)
    • Add forum category icons (posted here)
    • Option to replace the "Forum - Collapsed" with an image? (see this post)
    • More custom emotes! (posted here)
  • Forum Search
    • Allow a search of the entire forum, or maybe just an entire category.
    • Give ALL search results, not just the last 50
    • Add an ability to choose between searching for through forum titles, content, poster or post dates.
  • Icon Legend  - show custom forum icons
  • Image Gallery
    • Give options for more effects when displaying the next image... the jquery cycle script has a ton! Why not let users choose?... (posted here)
    • Is there a way to integrate the image gallery with Flickr or Photobucket, they both have APIs?
  • Mail - A way to navigate to the next or previous message would be nice (from within the messages)
  • Raid Points - Make the list sortable (posted here)
  • RSS Feeds - Allow users to add their own?... this shouldn't be a drain on your server if you use google's API (posted here)
  • Server Status
    • Warhammer has a server status, but I couldn't dig down to the XML. Would it be possible to add a server status to the site? Several other guild sites support it now - see this post.
    • Warcraft server status... I have access to the XML, but no easy way to work with the data (except with XSL - see this post). Add this too?... allow us to customize it as well?
  • Video Gallery - I'd like to see something like this, maybe combine it with the image gallery and call it a media gallery. Then let choose to display images, videos or both.

  • ForumCategoryHeader and the ## problem with Farbtastic (posted here)
  • <a name="########"> added at the beginning of every forum post... sometimes the "<a" gets dropped. I can't duplicate. I remember seeing this in the admin forums, but I can't find an example atm, but here is one from my test-site.
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