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xoulstar (Applicant) 5/3/2012 3:58 AM EST : RE: Progression Box & Guild Bar

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Hy Mottie, first of all, very good work here even for a totally scrub in web stuff like me it is possible to work with ur ProgressionBox. Thank you for doing that and for your support!

But i´ve got a little problem. I want to hide the 25man raids in the ProgressionBox, so i filled the second double quotes with hide2ndColumn like u mentioned it in a earlier post here,
now when i move my cursor over the box ( yes i installed Modified Tooltips ) 25man is still displayed with the comment hide2ndColumn.

Here a example how i did it:

wowCat.push ([
,["Dragon Soul Heroic", "(10 man)", "(25 man)"]
,["Morchok", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Warlord Zon'ozz", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Yor'sahj the Unsleeping", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Hagara the Stormbinder", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Ultraxion", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Warmaster Blackhorn", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Spine of Deathwing", "Killed", "hide2ndColumn"]
,["Madness of Deathwing", "", "hide2ndColumn"]

Well i guess i pasted the hide2ndColumn to the wrong place but since i have no clue about web stuff i dont wanna test around and maybe destroy everything =)

EDIT: Solved the Problem just had to write true in the Change progression box options -.-

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