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Mottie (SuperAdmin) 8/31/2008 4:03 AM EST : CSS for forum, topic and message separators / dividers
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I've seen this question so many times that I thought I'd make a separate post for easier forum searching (which is why I made the long subject title). If you want to see all the CSS styles and what they change on your site, check out this post.

Forum Group separator
Control Panel > Style & Colors > Forums Styles > Forum Category Background
CSS .ForumCategoryHeader { color: #ffffff; font-size: 110%; background: #222222 url(); border: 0px; padding: 2px; margin: 1px; }
Forum Topic and Message separator
Control Panel > Style & Colors > Content Boxes > Even Rows Background Color
CSS .AltGridRow { color:#ffffff; background:#222222 url(); }

The even rows (AltGridRow) effects both the topic listing and the forum messages. If you only want the individual posts to be separated, then use this CSS

.MessageAuthorLinkCell1 { color:#ffffff; background:#222222 url(); }
.MessageSubjectCell1 { color:#ffffff; background:#222222 url(); }

To modify the link color of that separator, add this:

.MessageAuthorLinkCell1 a:link { color:#ffffff; }
.MessageSubjectCell1 a:link { color:#ffffff; }

You can also add more styles to the links by copying the CSS above and changing the a:link to a:active, a:hover and a:visited, if you want to change those styles as well.

*Note: I only added the CSS here because I haven't checked the built in editor to see if it was possible to modify it there.

Color key:
Text color
Background color
orange Background image (blank in the examples. To add an image, just paste the URL inside the parenthesis - url (URL HERE)... )
blue Font size. You can use either percent size (110%) or point size (18pt)
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