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Mottie (SuperAdmin) 1/20/2010 6:21 AM EST : Custom Officer List
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Custom Officer List

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Well there isn't an easy way to add a list of officers and have their names link to their profile (to allow for messaging, chatting or viewing other pages/info), but I threw together a little script to make it a tiny bit easier.

Basically, follow these steps:
  1. For each officer you will need to get their profile ID#

    • Click on their name in the forums to open their profile. The window should look something like this:

    • See the text at the bottom of the window "/UserClick.aspx?p=537964690&Requestor=GuildPortal"? You will need to copy that ID number in red. As you can see my profile ID is 537964690. I know it's a pain.

    • Alternatively if they've never posted in the forums, you can get their ID from the Control Panel - This actually might be an easier way to do it.

      Go to Control Panel > Member Management > Profile Tracking. Find the person's name and right click on it, then copy the link location. It should be something like this:

      See the profile ID on the end? Paste the link then just copy/cut the ID from there.

  2. Now you just need to add some HTML to a Free Form Text/HTML widget, like this to your Officer List widget. Add it to a list (ul li) or how ever you want, just keep the link HTML like you see it. Replace the profile ID (in red) and User Names (in green).
    <a class="profile tooltip" title="Open profile for Mottie" name="537964690">Mottie</a><br>
    <a class="profile tooltip" title="Open profile for Someone Else" name="111111111">Someone Else</a><br>
    <a class="profile tooltip" title="Open profile for Somebody" name="222222222">Somebody</a><br>
  3. Then add this code inside the widget to make it all work properly.
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var uid =;
      if (uid == '' || typeof(uid)=="undefined") return false;
      openExternalDialog('/UserClick.aspx?p=' + uid , 515, 605);
      return false;
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