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If your tooltips are not working or only show gibberish (raw HTML) then you are most likely missing the updated tooltip script. This code has been converted into a mod, add it by going to Control Panel > Site Mods & Get Site Mods > Look for "Modified Tooltips". This is basically what the mod adds:
<style type="text/css">
.tooltip, .preview, .screenshot { cursor:pointer; }
#tooltip, #tooltip2, #preview, #screenshot { color:#dddddd; background:#222222; border: 1px solid #333333; padding:5px; display:none; opacity: 0.9; filter: alpha(opacity=90); text-align:left; border-radius: 1em; -moz-border-radius: 1em; -webkit-border-radius: 1em; }
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
When adding code like HTML, CSS and/or a single <script> tag into a Free Form Text/HTML type widget, you only need switch the editor into [ HTML ] mode.

When adding multiple <script> tags in [ HTML ] mode, the editor consistently strips out the extra script tags. So, in this case you will need to place the editor in Raw/Script mode (link in the upper right corner).
When you add certain HTML tags to the forums like <html>, <head>, <body> or <script>, you need to modify the text inside the tag. you could change the color to match the text around it, but it might be easier to just italicize the words. Here is an example of the tags with the words colored orange:
<html>, <head>, <body> or <script>

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Hello Guest & Welcome to my Help-Site (aka test-site).

Since it's difficult to find information on the admin boards, this site was made to help people more easily find and learn how to modify their own GuildPortal site. Hopefully the information provided here will make visiting your site more enjoyable and informative to both you and your users.


With the advent of the new mods system, I will slowly be converting code I have posted on this site into mods.

I don't plan on doing them all!

But, If you would like to see some code turned into a mod, please bump the post in these forums so I can keep track easier.

In each mod I make, I will try (to remember) to include a link back to the original post so you can get more information on now to modify the custom variables and/or css. Or how to better use a mod (like the shout box links). If you need more help, please feel free to post in these or the admin forums.

Please understand that the mods can't all get approved immediately, so please be patient! So far I have these qued up for approval:

  • None

Finding information:

There are three methods of finding information on this site:
  1. Use the "Instructions" box to the left of this welcome message. This "forum post menu" has links to the majority of the tutorials on this site. To reveal this list, click on a topic header like "Basics" to reveal a list of subtopics. By clicking on a subtopic link, the menu will replace this welcome message with the information from the original forum post. But please note that this method should be used as a quick reference only for this material as some of the tooltips and scripting do not work for this displayed information.

    If you find the post you are interested in viewing the original forum post, then click on the link with the MIDDLE mouse button to open it in a new browser tab. If you wish to restore this welcome message, just click on the "Welcome Message" link at the top of the window.
  2. At the bottom of almost every content box you will see a "How to Add this" button. If the content box does not allow adding a button, then a "How To..." content box will be added to that page. Clicking on the link will take you to the original forum post on this help site.
  3. Use the forum search. I have tried to make the title of each forum post as clear as possible. Although, this is not the best method you should be able to narrow down your search fairly easily.
If you have a problem with the script or it's not doing what you want it to do, be sure to click on the link in the forum post at the top named "GuildPortal admin site link to original post". It will take you to a duplicate post in the admin forums where others might have had the issue.

How the sites are arranged:

  • Help-Site (this site) - Hosts the forums, has the most modules and scripts, and has a different theme for each tab (theme selector now on this page)
  • Test-site 2 - Welcome page & theme selector... (I have plans on changing stuff around here, stay tuned!)
  • Test-stie 3 - Different style for each content box
  • Server Status site - These sites use php, so I can't host it here on GP. But currently it has a server status for Aion, LOTRO, Warhammer and World of Warcraft.

In Progress (last updated 8/28/2011)
  • Very slowly! migrating images from photobucket to my guild files
  • Adding code from these forums into the new mod system as I have time and if I see a request (it'll bump it up on my priority list).
  • Writing an ebook: Customizing GuildPortal - still so much to do! - but I haven't even looked at it now in ummm 6 months =(

All the code I have written on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So basically, use it however you want.
Help Site News 
Other Guild News

WoW Progression

Mottie, Oct 27, 12 7:58 AM.
A new mod will soon be available which shows your guild's progression in World of Warcraft raid instances. This one uses Blizzard's feed and automatically updates boss kills!

But instead of using Guild Achievements to track this progression, it uses individual raider progression. This is because heroic instance boss kills are not tracked, only the last boss gives an achievement.

Custom HTML changes

Mottie, Sep 27, 12 10:16 AM.
There have been some recent changes to the custom code variable title "box_$block[title]". It now contains the widget popup HTML instead of just the widget title text. So the custom box HTML seen in this post no longer works properly, when logged into a site.

I've commented out the first line, for now, to get my Help Site back up and visible.
<!-- <div id="box_$block[title]"></div> -->
Hopefully things will change or I'll work on a new HTML layout when I have time.

Mod Updates

Mottie, Aug 26, 12 8:56 AM.
With recent changes, a few scripts & mods have broken. I'll find and update them as I have time and then I'll update the list below. Please be patient, thanks!

So far, I've updated these mods (some may still be awaiting approval):
  • Hide Admin Edit Buttons
  • Event Signup Totals
  • Shout Box Images & Links (no need to update this one, it's fixed now)

WoW Guild News (Recent Activity)

Mottie, Aug 15, 12 12:14 PM.
I just added a new mod named "WoW Guild News" which gets information from the guild news feed from the new wow api. Check out the post detailing how to customize the mod here.

I'll start working on a "WoW Guild Progression" mod soon ;)

Weekly Calendar

Mottie, Jun 13, 12 10:09 AM.
Two enhancements have been added to the GuildPortal Weekly Calendar script
  • Added groupId option which allows you to add events from an alliance guild. Add the GuildID of the guild as seen in the URL (i.e. the Help Site guild ID is 258012).
  • Added showInTooltip option which adds the event text directly into the calendar date instead of adding it inside of the icon's tooltip. Set it to false to see the event as it appears in the regular calendar.
If you want to update your current script to this newer version, all you'll need to do is update the CSS and add the above options, as desired.

LotRO Progression Mods

Mottie, Jun 4, 12 12:24 PM.
I've created two new mods:
  • LotRO Progression - Rise of Isengard
  • LotRO Progression - Overall (contains SoA to RoI)
I'll try to keep the Overall one up to date with each expansion as the information become available. But please remember to save your custom code before updating!

Tiered Progression

Mottie, May 19, 12 9:12 AM.
Added code for a tiered progression display which, in this case, is specifically designed for SWTOR instances but it can be used for any game with tiered progression. A working copy can now be seen on the MMORPGs tab.

Nav Menu Updates

Mottie, Dec 27, 11 10:40 AM.
I've just added two new scripts, both dealing with the navigation menu.
  1. Multilevel Dynamic Menu mod - This mod allows you to replace your current dynamic images menu with a menu that allows submenus.
  2. Menu Tooltips - This script (not a mod) allows you to add tooltip messages to your dynamic images menu (not the multilevel one).

More Mods!

Mottie, Oct 25, 11 5:11 PM.

List of Mods

Mottie, Sep 20, 11 7:07 PM.
I've updated the "Instructions" widget with a new category named "Current Mods" which contains a list of mods that I have created with instructions on how to customize the mod. I thought about adding the instructions into the mod itself, but then it wouldn't be as easy to add comments or ask questions.

Enjoy! :)


Mottie, Aug 28, 11 9:19 PM.
I am very happy to see that mods have been added to GuildPortal. It'll make it so much easier for me to update and maintain the code I provide for all of you. And it will make it even easier for all of you to use them... no more pasting in code wrong! YAY!

Also, please check out the announcement I added to the Welcome Box above!

Updated Shout box images & links code

Mottie, Aug 2, 11 9:01 AM.
I've updated the shout box images and links code, so it should look like it's supposed to again :P

Open External Forum Links in a New Tab

Mottie, Aug 1, 11 8:11 PM.
I added some code that makes all forum links that point to other sites/guilds to open in a new tab. That is all, move along...

Welcome Page

Mottie, Jul 31, 11 9:21 AM.
I've updated the Welcome Page script. Previously the script would replace the entire page content with the content of the splash box. This doesn't work so well with embedded video in IE.

The updated code also makes it easier to include your content box borders.

Anyway, it should work a lot better than the older version... It's amazing what a bit more experience with jQuery allows you do to ;)

Format BBCode in your forums

Mottie, Jul 23, 11 9:35 AM.
A nice quick post about how to format BBCode in your forums :)

Hide Widgets When Not Viewing Forum Groups

Mottie, Jul 17, 11 7:53 AM.
Added code to hide named widgets when you are viewing any forum topics, subforums or posts.

Replace missing avatars

Mottie, Jul 2, 11 12:58 PM.
Added a script to allow the replacing of missing avatars with a random image  :P

Signups Tooltip

Mottie, Jul 2, 11 10:53 AM.
I've updated the Signups tooltip to now include the total number of signups; just set the new "showTotal" option to true.

Calendar Events

Mottie, Jun 28, 11 10:08 AM.
I've updated the WoW Calendar Event Signups code; it is now all in an external file so there is less code that you need to deal with.

I haven't gotten around to updating the Vanguard or Rift versions, mostly because I need to find a site for those games that is using the calendar signups... it's not as easy as you think.

Rank tree and widget iframe

Mottie, Jun 23, 11 12:04 PM.
I've had a busy morning!

Two new posts added:
  • Rank Tree - Adds a tree looking thingy to your page showing ranks... well you really could put anything you want in the tree :P
  • Widget in an iframe - This script allows an alliance guild to target a specific page on your site and have that page hide all other page content so only that widget will show. It only works for one widget on the page.
Updated the Calendar Event Signups for LotRO to remove the "Alliance Signups" header from the sort list.
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