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Mottie (SuperAdmin) 4/13/2009 10:29 PM EST : Adding a Google Events Box
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Adding a Google Events Box

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Quick Summary
  1. Create an account at Google Calendar & log in
  2. Under Other Calendars, click Add > Add a friend's calendar
  3. Add this Contact email:
  4. Under Other Calendars, click Settings > Warcraft Info > Customize the color, size and other options
  5. Skip Calendar Title
  6. Uncheck: Title, Date, Tabs, Calendar List & Border
  7. Default View: Agenda
  8. Height & Width: 200
  9. Background color: leave white (you can't change the text color)
  10. Check your own calendar and "Warcraft Info"
  11. Click arrow to change text colors
  12. Pick your server's time zone
  13. Click Update HTML button, then copy the code and paste it into a free form text/HTML box on your site.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Create an account at Google Calendar & log in

  2. On the left side of the page, look for "Other Calendars"

  3. Click the "Add" link at the bottom

  4. Select "Add a friend's calendar"

  5. An input box should appear on the right side. Paste this URL into the "Contact Email" box:

  6. Then click the "Add" button

  7. You'll see a "Warcraft Info" calendar has been added to the "Other Calendars" box, now click on "Settings" in the bottom left

  8. Click on the "Warcraft Info" link

  9. Look in the "Embed This Calendar" section, click on the "Customize the color, size, and other options" link.

  10. Don't bother typing in a Calendar Title

  11. Now uncheck the following:

    Calendar List

  12. Default View: Agenda

  13. Width: 200

  14. Height: 200

  15. Week starts on: Sunday (or pick whatever you want)

  16. Language: Default (or pick whatever you want)

  17. Background Color: white (keep this white or a light color since you can't change the date text color)

  18. Border: unchecked (or whatever you want)

  19. Calendars to Display:

    Check your own
    Check "Warcraft Info"

  20. Now click on the small down arrow next to the calendar name to change the text color of that calendar

  21. Time Zone: pick the time zone of your server

  22. Now click on the "Update HTML" button in the top right

  23. Then copy (Ctrl-C) the HTML below the "update HTML" button and paste (Ctrl-V) it into a free form text/HTML box on your site
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