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Mottie (SuperAdmin) 6/9/2008 6:36 AM EST : WoW Server Status
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How to add a World of Warcraft Server Status Content Box to your site

GuildPortal admin site link to original post

There are currently two sites that will provide server status for free (that I know of)

1. Image:
just click on the realm name and you will be taken to a page with HTML you can copy and paste into a Free/Form content box (How to add HTML). You will see an image similar to the one below

Wow server
2. Customizable text: (thanks to Pentamorous)
There are two ways to add this status:
1. Make a content box of the "Embedded Page" type. When you edit the content, add the URL below with the added style and make the "Page Height" around 60 depending on your font size. CAUTION: GuildPortal limits the length of the URL in that box, so don't add too many options

2. Add it as an iframe. Put the URL you piece together into the iframe below (replace the blue text):

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="65" width="150"></iframe>

RPG Outfitter server status is customizable. This post is a summary of a post I found on their forums here. It looks like you can make the background, font styles and colors match your website. Sadly, the only thing you can't customize is the color of the server status "Up" or "Down" and the population colors of "Low", "Medium" and "High".

I was messing around and got this status (image):

* I made it extra wide to show the background texture,

url of code above (minus the background as the URL got too long):

You can add stuff simply by editing (green text) & adding pieces of code from below:

start with:

then add these styles as you like, but there is a limit to how much you can add though:

&icon=0 0=hide, 1=show (the text will be replaced with an image)
&bgcolor=000000 background color
&color=ffffff overall text color
&background=url(http://) no-repeat background image (and repeat code if you want: no-repeat, repeat-x or repeat-y)
&realm.color=000000 realm font color
&realm.font-size=14px realm font size
&realm.font-family=times realm font family
&realm.font-weight=bold realm font weight: normal or bold
&realm.font-style=italic realm font style: normal or italic
&status.color=000000 status font color
&status.font-size=14px status font size
&status.font-family=times status font family
&status.font-weight=bold status font weight: normal or bold
&status.font-style=italic status font style: normal or italic
&population.color=000000 population font color
&population.font-size=14px population font size
&population.font-family=times population font family
&population.font-weight=bold population font weight: normal or bold
&population.font-style=italic population font style: normal or italic
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