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Welcome Fellow Gamer!!  First off I would like to thank you for your interest and taking the time to look us up.  I hope you like what you see.  Here are some things about The Nation that you should know … 

The Nation


The Nation is considered a casual, mature, adult guild who like to PvE, Raid, Quest, and PvP together.  By “Casual” we mean we don’t rule with the Iron Fist, but there are requirements in being a part of our family.  Our guild consists of gamers working together to foster an engaging and entertaining gaming community.  We have players who log in everyday religiously and others that log in a few times a week. 

Members are expected to participate in Guild Ventrilo AND Guild Forums.

Ventrilo is used for Raid/Event purposes (which we require ALL members to use it for events, even if its just to listen.)  We also encourage our members to use Vent for chatting amongst each other to get to know one another better.

Our forums are our primary way of informing members of news and events concerning the guild.  They are also an excellent way to share knowledge and/or ask questions.  This helps everyone.  Please make use of the forums to get the best experience out of playing AoC with The Nation.

This is a guild where you are a Part OF Something, a Family.  You are expected to help out if need be.  If you are looking for a guild where you can sit back and relax and expect everyone else to make this game fun and enjoyable for you, this is not the guild for you.

Code of Conduct:

Honor, Integrity and Respect shall be observed at all times.  We are all adults here, so adult humor and talk is to be expected in Vent and Guild Chat.  We are here to have fun above anything else and to ensure a “Quality” based guild.  We are as laid back as possible people, without having it get in the way of our duties as members.

Duties As Leader/Officers/Members:

The governing of the guild is based on a council principle, with positions for specialized duties and responsibilities.

The Leader/Officers will resolve issues affecting the members and the guild in general, approve assignment of rank and title, consider membership requests, and perform charter revisions.

Positions are appointed by the GM and Officers.

If there is a way YOU think you can help make this guild better (now and in the future), Please speak up!!!  We would love to hear what you have to offer and/or suggest.

As a Member you are expected to always be on the look out for new recruits.  If you like someone or the way they play and you see that they are not tagged, please tell them a little about us and point them to an Officer if they are interested and want to hear more.  We also encourage our members to go the extra mile and advertise in open channels (when they have time) if and when we are recruiting and where to find info about us.  This will help ensure an active roster as well as a guild that is involved together … thus helping us experience and conquer all.  This is better achieved by working together as a whole.

You are also expected to speak up.  Put your best foot forward on issues that you think need to be addressed.  Sometimes GM’s and Officers don’t notice what members do, so please inform us of anything you think needs to be brought to our attention.

Don’t just rely on the Event Masters to get things done for you.  They might not be able to run events when you’re on or when you need it due to their RL.  If you need an event for a group in order to accomplish your goal and nothing is being ran for it, please suggest it in guild or put something together on the forums.  There are many members who might have the same objective as well as those who are willing to help out regardless of it being “needed.”


We hope you choose The Nation as your new home and enjoy your stay with us.  We will always strive together to provide a competitive, fun and friendly atmosphere.

- Jazminne
   Recruitment Officer
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