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Aug 13, 08 4:04 AM
Taking a moment to think!
Jul 7, 08 11:36 PM
We have our kinship hall!
Jun 15, 08 10:29 PM
Kin hall gold!
May 28, 08 7:22 PM
Registering your characters!
May 19, 08 7:33 PM
Welcome to Ancient Blood!

Life Span Rank 10 reached!
Good Job AB!

"Hello my fellow Kin mates, or maybe wanderers looking for a home! Ancient Blood is a family oriented kinship that is always looking for members that are new to the game, or even long time veterans. As long as you come willing to have some fun and help others, you're in! What I want from this Kinship is for my Members and Officers to have the best experience possible while they play, meaning there will be no forced participation of any kind, and help should be just around the corner if asked."

-Shuyinn Himora, Leader


Ancient Blood has begun to see change over the last months. A new light has been shed upon us, recently we have been recruiting new members with new ideas, ideas that will change Ancient Blood for the better, making a much more organized, focused Kinship. Our goal is to be a core kinship, meaning we will have a more direct focus on what kind of kinship we are, and what sort of content we are willing to explore. Our current focus is PvMP and End game Raid Content. Though as of now we are working on helping our current members to level 60 so they can enjoy all of this conent with us.

Although we are becoing a core kinship Ancient Blood can still offer a community of players that will fellow with you, help you pass through various tasks and instances in the game, give advice, chat, allow access to the kinship vaults (where many class quest items, dyes, and resources are stored). We expect you to help with the direction of the kinship, behave and represent the kinship in a way we can be proud of.

If you have any questions, do not hestitate to contact Shuyinn, or any Officers in the kinship.
Regarding Recruiting and Applications

If you are interested in joining Ancient Blood, please review the Kinship Charter and Policies found on the left portion of the website under the tab "Information".  If you feel you can comply with these, feel free to submit an application for review by our Officers. 

If you are NEW to GuildPortal and wish to submit an application, please visit HERE.

If you have an existing GuildPortal account and wish to submit an application, simply click "Join Ancient Blood" at the top of the website.

Thank you for your interest!


539900028_Inactive, Aug 13, 08 4:04 AM.

A lot has happened over the course of the past month.  Unfortunetly, Klabrin, Taurnilros and Elbregeth are no longer with us.  They have made their choice as our new direction to a much more organized kinship was apparently not the road they wished to follow.  We are sad to see them go, but we welcome the new faces among our kinship.

I have recently purchased us a Ventrilo server.  I highly recommend that you download Ventrilo from  Click Download on the left portion of the site.  If you are using Windows XP or Vista (32-bit), download Windows i386 - 32bit and if you are using Vista 64-bit download the Windows x64 - 64bit.  Ventrilo is a very useful tool to our kin as it allows us to communicate faster, at higher quality, and outside of the game with ease. 

In the stead of these former officers, we have several new ones, including myself, Mindilina, Seremir and Meng.  Everyone appointed is certainly eager to begin the new changes in the Kinship.  We have been actively recruiting level 40+, but again, are welcoming all level characters.  The reason we are recruiting 40+ is we are striving to begin Helegrod and Rift runs soon, and we would also like to see Ancient Blood in force within the Ettenmoors. 

You may see some changes to the GuildPortal over the next few days.  This will be done to optimize this site for our kin's use.

Be sure to check on the forums quite often as this will be the easiest way to get new information.  The "Kin Hall" section of the website will soon be revised to hold our Kin Vault inventory managed by Mindilina. Be sure to thank Mind for the hard work he was been putting in to this.

I would also like everyone to know that I am formally changing my character name from Encaitaruil to Eluthindel as it is easier to pronounce and I just like it better ;].  That's all I have for now, so good luck and safe travels in Middle-Earth.


Taking a moment to think!

Shuyinn Himora, Jul 7, 08 11:36 PM.
I would like everyone to take some time, and thank your officers for caring so much about all of you. All of the help, and time they have spent on everyone! I don't know what we would do without these guys! What a family we have become, good work guys!

We have our kinship hall!

Shuyinn Himora, Jun 15, 08 10:29 PM.
After all of this time, we finally have our very own Kinship hall!
I would like to thank everyone that helped our kinship achieve this (Especially our officers). It has been a long time since I was given the position of leader of this kinship, much has changed and many new members have come along to join us in our journey. May the coming days treat us well, and only increase our kinships power!
Good luck out there Ancient Blood!
Your leader - Shuyinn Himora -

Kin hall gold!

Shuyinn Himora, May 28, 08 7:22 PM.
Yes, yes, we now have 19 gold towards our Kinship hall!!


Contribution list:
Elbie- 7 gold.
Taurinlos- 2 gold.
Klabrin- 4 gold.
Shuyinn- 4 gold.
Peradoindric- 2 gold

Registering your characters!

Shuyinn Himora, May 19, 08 7:33 PM.
After signing up for the Kinships website, please do not forget to register your character here!
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