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KOS list
May 31, 08 2:18 PM
In game Voice!!
May 26, 08 12:27 PM

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Welcome to the BrotherHood of Steel!

This is a Rp-guild please respect the Rp playing both here and in the game.
thank you

Some information on the site:

Under the TaBs:

FORUMS - You will find allmost every thing the sites has to offer!
VOTE - Here You can vote on events, voting on events will give you points!

CALANDER - This is a fast and easy way to keep up whit all the BrotherHood does, every thing to raids and PvP events. You can allsow subscribe to the events via the calander TaB!

ROSTER - Here is the BrotherHoods member information chart, this is where you will find and learn of your fellow Brothers!

Chat - Here is where all of the BrotherHood of Steel comes after or before fights to socialize whit all of our fellow Brothers. This is allsow a good way to keep good conection whit the guild if you are "away" from the game some time.

MAIL - All important information and all news are sent to your personal mail box!



KOS list

539728808_Inactive, May 31, 08 2:18 PM.

In game Voice!!

539728808_Inactive, May 26, 08 12:27 PM.
The brotherhood will hear you!

our Ventriloserver is up! you can now connect to ventrilo by using the 2.1.4 version!

If you do not have that version or ventrilo at all you can DOWNLOAD HERE

how to set up the ventrilo server to ours is pritty simple, here's how its done

1. install the ventrilo and start the VentriloMIX

2. select VENTRILO 2.1 at the top of the window, note that the new window might not apear, and that it is at the start bar.

3. now select and wright your user name ( use your characters name)

4. press the arrow next to the Server tab.

5. under select press "New" and type in and under "Host or ip" the same. then under password type in hallonsylt and then copy " Privat/Bumbis chat/Age of Conan " to the "Default Channel" and press OK

6. now press "Connect"

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