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We are adults (for the most part).  Mature members having fun in a guild.  Guess what.... Some families swear and tell nasty jokes.  Can't take it?  Then you don't want to be here.

Eternal Renegades is currently looking for members of all classes to join our ranks. At this point we are not a raiding guild, we are only looking for casual players that are interested in grouping together for the purpose of leveling, questing and good old fashion fun. We will be Casually Raiding ASAP.

Tired of feeling like this game is a job then please feel free to post a app here. The enjoyment of playing has been lost for a lot of people and hopefully we can bring that back.

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

Read Below for more Guild Information!

Guild Info
If you are interested in joining Eternal Renegades, read on.

Guild Information:

  Eternal Renegades is an Everquest guild on the Xegony server.

    * Eternal Renegades is an ever growing family style guild whose focus is progression inside the game of Everquest through raiding and guild grouping.
    * Eternal Renegades is a guild that values friendship, respect, loyalty, and teamwork above all else.
    * Eternal Renegades is strictly a no drama guild.
    * Eternal Renegades is not an "alt" guild. Meaning not a place to put a Toon just for use of things like the guild hall.
    * Eternal Renegades does not allow for long AFKer's  in a group.  What we mean is that if you are going to be AFK then inform your group, and please be considerate of your other group members, do not take advantage of a group and go AFK for extended periods of time.
    * Raiding is not mandatory though it is encouraged.
    * Eternal Renegades is currently a Need before Greed based looting guild, However we will be changing to a DKP based system where members earn points for participation and can spend those points on raid drops, once we have the members and start raiding the higher end content.

Everything Eternal Renegades does revolves around our guild web site. A requirement of membership is that each player monitor this web site to keep up to date on what is happening inside the guild. Member participation is a critical part of the growth of Eternal Renegades and each member has a voice that is heard in our ever growing guild.


New players are recruited on values that our guild holds in the highest regard:

    * Commitment
    * Loyalty
    * Respect
    * Honesty

Playing ability is considered but is never the primary focus of Eternal Renegades recruiting. This guild values the true player behind the computer first when considering membership to the guild.

The application process is as follows:

    * Recruits must register and activate an account on the guild website.
    * Visit our guild forums application section and follow the instructions listed for filling out your application.
    * Applicants to the guild will be tagged by an officer as soon as possible.
    * Once tagged as an Applicant that player will be allowed to sign up and attend raids and guild events.
    * When the guild membership deems that Applicant will be voted on and either accepted or removed from the guild.

So you want to join our guild?

First of all, Eternal Renegades is a guild that wishes to progress in the game of Everquest. If you are not serious about being a dedicated contributing member of this guild then look elsewhere. Do not apply to the guild and then not log into the game for two weeks, inactivity as an applicant shows the guild you are not serious about joining.

If you are a loner who does not wish to guild group, raid as a guild, or get to know new people and make new friends then you might consider looking elsewhere. Eternal Renegades is all about forming new friendships, working together as a team, and enjoying each others company. Recruits who prefer to solo a lot, box on their own, or only group outside the guild may have a hard time fitting in.

Be honest with yourself and our guild, we are looking for dedicated players who are going to commit as much time as they can afford in life to building relationships and the guild into something special.

Be a competent player. Eternal Renegades members are willing to help you learn our guild's system of raiding and tactics, but you must come into the situation knowing how to play the game of Everquest and your main. Being able to navigate zones with the use of zone maps, follow instructions, and learn from mistakes are important as a recruit, applicant, and member of this guild.

Understand that Eternal Renegades is a family style guild. Our chat policy is clearly listed and must be obeyed at all times. Respecting each other in the guild is what holds this guild together. Positive attitudes and the willingness to work through differences ensure the drama free environment that is Eternal Renegades.

So you think you have what it takes?

If that is the case then please review our application process, fill out an application found

If you have any questions concerning the process please contact a High council member via Personal Message, In Game Email, or /tell.

Eternal Renegades High council:

     ~ Naight

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