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Welcome to FORCEUnleashed!


This linkshell was created with the idea that one person can do many things in ffxi but a team can take on the bigger challenges. My personal feeling on this subject.


"Alone I am Lethal, AS A TEAM WE DOMINATE !!"

We strive two create a linkshell that will provide everyone with challenges that they can rise too. We are not about "YOU MUST DO BLAH BLAH BLAH OR ELSE !!" We are about finding people that share the same interest.

We have Ventrilo for anyone that can join us on it. We also encourage everyone to get involved on the website and post daily.

Please contact Lucent, Niela, or Dedri in game should you have any questions or like to chat about joining. Thank you for visiting our website and see you in game.



Current Events and Lot Info.

The following events are currently going on.

Assualt: No points given 4 events. We would like everyone 2 hit rank 10

Nyzel Isle: Lot order will be agreed on before run. If more then 1 person wants said item, they will lot and winner cannot get next item till all members get 1 item from said run. E.g. Floor 20 boots. 2 people want they lot winner continues runs 2 ensures all members get their item.


Zeni: Tier 1 & 2 = 1 item plus trophy

Tier 3 = trophy goes 2 linkshell leaders 2 create sets for Tier 4. The 3 members that make up set get choice lot on T4.

As we grow in streath we will also be doing: 

Sea, Limbus & Sky. 

We are currently recruiting all jobs !!

Please take a minute and apply in the forum so that you may join us in this quest to be a great linkshell, that strives for a fair environment.



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