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Welcome to the guild site of guild Imperium!

We are a guild situated on the European server Crom(PvE). At the moment recruitment is open to active mains over level 75 from certain classes. If you wish to apply post an application thread on the forums or contact one of the officers in-game. A few things the guild has already achieved:

- Second Tier one keep on Crom!
- Third Tier two keep on Crom!
- Second Tier three keep on Crom!
- Second Battle keep on Crom!
- An entire city built! Server first and one of the first in Europe! Screenshot
- About 150 active members!
- An established Guild Activity Points system to reward members who donate and participate in guild activities!

Our current goals:
- Being a top guild on the server in PvE.

If u wish to apply visit the forums or contact Deuz, Mereth, Belac or Hrist in-game. Happy hunting!


We're moving!

DeuzzX, Aug 8, 08 6:06 PM.
Although Age of Conan was a huge let down we don't give up! Imperium formed up as a guild of friends and most of us decided to move to Warhammer Online! It's been a nice run here and we hope to continue that in WAR!

Wing 1 of Black Ring Citadel is cleared!

DeuzzX, Jul 23, 08 6:15 PM.
A solid performance from everyone in the raid group. We got us some nice loots and server first. Good job guys and keep it up!

Excorant down!

539755158_Inactive, Jul 16, 08 4:18 PM.
Started out in Wing2, but the first boss seemed to require another tank and a full raid, so we moved to wing1 to check it out! After 2 wipes we killed Excorant, was very fun fight :) Hope to get more people attuned next week so we can get down the first 2 bosses in Wing2 !

Vistrix down !

539755158_Inactive, Jul 16, 08 4:17 PM.
Great job everyone :) Server second kill and second raid boss kill by just Imperium ourselves! Keep up the good work!

The guild's first own raid

DeuzzX, Jul 14, 08 5:36 PM.
Tonight we started in The Lair but our second tank went off without saying anything, so we switched to Kyllikki's Crypt. We got to Kyllikki herself quite fast, but it took us some time to down her, as we had only one guardian and had to think of an alternative way for our previously used tactic. Although it got a bit frustrating for most people at a moment we gave our best and downed her! I'm very impressed how no one in the raid wanted to leave until she is killed and no one gave up even though at the end we were raiding for 6 hours straight (including Vistrix) ! Astonishing work guys!

Kylikki's new version downed, server first!

539755158_Inactive, Jul 12, 08 5:56 AM.
Great job everyone, awesome encounter :)

Never give up!

Kylikki down!

539755158_Inactive, Jul 9, 08 5:12 AM.
We downed her last night second try, though, which was with an old code = no summoned spellguards! Still, we did the whole instance very very fast, good job all! Hoping that FC will fix Kylikki and Yakhmar tommorow so we have something to do until Monday!
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Soldiers archetype
Guardian - Closed
Dark Templar - Medium
Conqueror - Closed

Priest archetype
Bear Shaman - Closed
Priest of Mitra - Closed
Tempest of Set - Closed

Rogue archetype
Assassin - Low
Barbarian - Medium
Ranger - Closed

Mage archetype
Demonologist - Medium
Herald of Xotli - Closed
Necromancer - Very Low

High - in need of at least 2
Medium - in need of 1-2
Low - in need of 1
Very Low - not really in need, but could find a spot for a hardcore player

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