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We need more People
May 28, 08 10:03 AM
End of School Party
May 27, 08 9:23 AM

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Welcome to AllianceBane,

We are a PVP/sorta RP guild, after we get atleast 20 members on are guild we will be going back to normal ranking. We will be allying Army of the Deep if they agree to. but this guild will prosper in the near future. know what i want you to do in this guild is to have fun be on atleast once a week and to well..... HAVE FUN. So far we have a website, and a guild tabard, we will be working on getting a bank tab which so far we need 100G (i will change this part once we are half way). Well have fun and check out the website. From: Plaguespread. :)
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We need more People

539746050_Inactive, May 28, 08 10:03 AM.
Well i was seeing who could get the most ppl in guild (to 25 ppl) and it was a tie between Canman and Xarlock but Xarlock got the tie braker im srry Canman but you didnt win :(, but GRATZ TO YOU XARLOCK you win the prize (Canman you will get another chance to win 3G if you compete in the tournament.)

End of School Party

539746050_Inactive, May 27, 08 9:23 AM.
We will be running through dungeons, having meetings, and fighting each other for the prize!!!! we are having this Party 29-1 we will have other partys but this one will be one of the bests. so put on your best fighting faces and lets get started, we will also have a extra run on the 6/1/08 which will be my secret (so it wont be on the Event calendor) well i guess this is the end of what i am saying so CYA!
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