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Hex Lord dead!
Jul 2, 08 10:46 PM
One shot, one kill.
Jun 25, 08 6:29 PM
Gruul down!
Jun 21, 08 9:10 PM
Kickin it in ZA !
Jun 15, 08 11:46 PM
25 man goodness.
Jun 7, 08 9:10 PM
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Welcome! Bushido is a horde guild that resides on the realm of Executus with aspirations of end-game raiding content.  If you encounter any problems on the website please contact Yasuka.

Bushido is recruiting a Druid tank a couple Prot Pallies, and some healers.  Requirements are Gruul's/ZA level gear.  If you're interested, talk to us in game or post a message in the forums.
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Hex Lord dead!

539747890_Inactive, Jul 2, 08 10:46 PM.
An awesome job in ZA tonight, with Hex Lord dropping Heartless for V and Cloak of Ancient Rituals for Jiin. Gratz guys, and great work tonight.

One shot, one kill.

539747890_Inactive, Jun 25, 08 6:29 PM.
Bushido walked into Mag's lair, and walks out with is head. A beautifully executed battle with minimal deaths. Grats everyone!

Gruul down!

539747890_Inactive, Jun 21, 08 9:10 PM.
We said we were gonna do it, and we did. In and out in just over an hour, and lots of loot was had by all. Gratz to Bushido on our first guild kill, and gratz to everyone that got loot!

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