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Galactic Security Bureau
Welcome to Galactic Security Bureau!
May 29, 08 7:53 AM
Good evening soldiers,
I am SGT. Cosmah Tekti for the Galactic Security Bureau.  We are a full Imperial, full immersion player association.  We have a large growing guild under the command of Moff Thraken.  Our commanding officers are Moff Thraken, General Bronik, and Captain Ahl-vinn.

A little about us.  We originally were part of another guild when that leader decided he wanted more power in the empire.  He then went after the emperor himself and failed.  After that Moff Thraken broke off and was given the special charge of Galactic Security, thus forming the Galactic Security Bureau.  General Bronik was always by Moff Thraken's side and helped him through everything.  Being a Bounty Hunter he was given the charge of hunting down his former guild leader and terminating him.  This charge was given from the emperor himself.  Captain Ahl-vinn was an engineer in the empire's spaceship division thus was given the charge of supplying all members of the Galactic Security Bureau with working Imperial Starships.  He has also formed a personal company (Novaik Studios) to supply the need for neutral pilots.

A little about me, I was a former dark jedi that has rejected the force and taken up the role of Commando.  I am second in command of the Tatooine Division Dormitories, under the charge of Oihic Uca, and I am also in charge of all ground force troops under the level of 50.  Oihic, being my superior, gives me orders and I pass them along to the lower members.  Advancement in rank is very possible under strict strict guidelines.  The leaders of Ground Forces and the Imperial Navy are General Bronik and Captain Ahl-vinn respectively.

*Full uniform for all members. (This includes but is not limited to: Formal Uniform, Flight Uniform, Racing Uniform, and many more to come)
*Weekly events, meetings on sunday evening, Deep Space PvP event on Sunday and Tuesday night, hunting and fishing tournaments, and racing events to name a few.
*Squadron placement based on level.
*Advancement in ranks based on activity and help to the PA.

==Contact Information==
In game you can contact the following members for sponsorship into the player association.


Best time to reach them is in the evening.
==Miscellaneous Information==
We are currently having a website being developed, and we have a 100 man vent on the way.  We run heroics almost every night, space grinding all the time, and all around fun times 24/7.  If interested contact one of the members mentioned above and we will set up an interview.

Welcome to Galactic Security Bureau!

539750380_Inactive, May 29, 08 7:53 AM.
Welcome to Galactic Security Bureau's temporary site!  We are currently in the process of finding a web designer.  If you know anyone please feel free to send me an email!
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