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Welcome to Toblerown.

Hello everyone, I just felt that a small introduction is necessary and a few points on what brings this group of players together.

Toblerown is a small guild consisting mainly of RL friends and Ex guildies who simply got together not for loot or progression but because they value the friendship and the good times they had previously more than the gear and world firsts.

The majority of of Toblerown members are Ex US Beta / Ex raiders from previous very successful guilds who decided that they were done with what we call traditional raiding. The countless hours grinding materials for raids and grouping with people we barely know to obtain epeen maginifying purple pixels, The elitest attitude that follows and the major burn out most players suffer pretty much leading to the end of guilds.

Our current focus lies within the following points:

1) To have fun. Wipes are funny random gkicks are funnier and ofcourse the guild designated weekly award for failure (The Sanza Award) along with the actual gameplay.

2) to experience PVE (Mostly 10 man Content in TBC and Wrath) and PVP. We believe smaller groups have more fun and are closer knit than a 40 man raid with 25 people afk.

3) to help members achieve their goals that require more than one person to achieve to the best of our ability. This includes big quests farming raiding premade pvp arena teams leveling boosts etc.

4) Toblerown is a Communist-ty (i.e. Communist community lol) we regularly stock up our gbank for members who are leveling / mounts / help with professions etc it’s a take a penny leave a penny system.

5) We aim to be different.

Thank you



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