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Lady Aid (SuperAdmin) 8/14/2008 12:21 PM EST : Registering on this Website
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Lady Aid
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A Guide to Establishing your Website personae.
((The following was originally was written by Veiled Phoenix andScarlet Swift's players.  With their permission, I have borrowedit and modified it slightly to suit our CoX context.))

Website Registration is a must.  The website is the group'sprimary source for communication / information.   New membersare urged to signup immediately.  The Adventurists, as yet, haveno trial period.  If you are invited into the Adventurists, youare a member, pure and simple.  Therefore, you should register asa member of this website as well.  If not signed up after 30 days,members may be removed from group simply because this is asource of information and interaction even if one doesn't have time tobe in-game.

Applicants need to have an account in order to post an application(albeit if they have a GuildPortal account via some other site, clearlythey need not register as an Adventurists merely to make theirapplication).

For RP purposes, the Adventurists allow a player to signup each oftheir characters individually, if desired.  But every membershould register at least one character, in order to access theMembership areas of the site.

The following information will help guide you through the steps to signup for the site.

Registering for Membership

1:  Click on New User at the top of the page.
2:  Fill-in the registration page.  You will need to choose auser name (for recognition purposes, the name needs to be as close toyour characters name as you can manage [Example: your name in game isRudolf, therefore you should have a user name such as Rudolf, Rudolf22,Rudy, Rudy17, Rudyman, etc.])
3:  Click on Create Account at the bottom of the page.

Adding a Character

1:  Click on Characters / Settings at the top of the page (must be logged in).
2:  Click on Add New Character (if the characters you added are not already shown).
3:  Add your characters name, then choose the game and server from the appropriate drop down menu.
4:  Click on Add Character.

Editing a Character

1:  Click on Characters / Settings at the top of the page (must be logged in).
2:  Click on Edit next to the character you wish to edit.
3:  Click on the radio buttons (circles next to page choice) for the info you wish to add/change.

Notes:  The only needed/required info is under General Character Info, other info is up to you.
* General Character Info (Character Name, Game, Server and GuildAssociations - these must be completed to associate your character withthe Super Group/Guild and show in the Roster section of the site).
* Game Stats (Class, Gender - these should be chosen simply to have your character listed correctly).
* Flags and Keys (This is applicable to WoW and similar game sites; CoX, as yet, has no analogous requirements).


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