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Prof. Derek Crane
Virtue, City of Heroes/Villains
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The Professor is a modern-day Rennaissance scientist, philosopher, explorer, inventor, and adventurer in the spirit of the "pulp novels" of the 1930-1950 era. Professor Crane discovered how to create nearly anything out of a form of proto-matter, with properties suggested by a concatenation of Einstein's theory of relativity and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. He works the proto-matter through a swarm of miniature, nesting robots. This allows him to create complex and wondrous items and effect seemingly out of nothing. The materials required to make the proto-matter are exotic, and very frequently the target of theft by villains around the world. Many of the labs that create or use the odd materials and devices are run by friends of the Professor. He takes an active hand in recovering such things and returning them to their rightful owners. These components could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. He remains unmarried, searching for the woman who can truly understand him.

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