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You Found the Secret!

toddburow, Dec 31, 08 8:03 AM.
Ok, in order to get folks to use this tool, I'm giving out a prize. The first person to make an account on here and send me a ingame mail gets a WoW Card Game code redeemable for 100 Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.S! This item is only available through the card game, so good luck finding it elsewhere. Sorry, Pung and Krast, you're already got yours!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Guildmaster

Site Up and Running!

toddburow, Dec 31, 08 7:56 AM.
Ok folks, the site is up and running. Go ahead and make an account, use the forums, send messages, just use the site! Also, we need more people. If you know anyone looking to join a guild, message a founder. (they can /ginvite)
Welcome to our new website!

Facta Non Verba means Actions not Words. Which is just what we plan on delivering. We're a group of friends who enjoy playing together and are interested in running any and all Raids/Instances. Message one of the Guildmasters for more information.

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