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Sanctus Arcanum
Our guild model is few but highly consistent players. Our numbers should never exceed 48 individual players. These players must be available to play 4 times per week for scheduled raids/guild events.

We are looking for players who are disciplined, focused, able to follow instructions provided by the group/raid leader, and prioritize guild groups/raids.  Candidates ideally should have previous raiding experience.

All candidates will go through a 3 week probationary period.  During this time candidates are expected to show that they have the qualities to be considered Kinsmen.

Guild Lineage: Sanctus Arcanum

Sanctus Arcanum originate from Ultima Online mid 90's.  We were then strictly a PVP guild on the Baja Server.  We were participants in the guild faction pvp wars; Shadow Lords.  We then hailed the slogan "We are mind numbing, bone shattering savagery". 

With the Electronic Arts purchase of this game we then moved to eq1 in the late 90's.  We then conquered much of the highest tier content as a guild called "Black Company"

In the earliest months of 2003 we entered EQ2.  We attached to a guild called "Illuminati" blackburrow server.  We assisted, then dormant for approx 1 year, "Illuminati" in their push to conquer end game content.  With all raid zones conquered, prior to EOF release, Sanctus Arcanum moved on to Vanguard.

Migrating to Vanguard, on release for us, was a tremendous challenge.  Many of our members remained in EQ2 due to game and hardware issues.  However, in short time, we assembled and conquered much of Vanguard's raiding content.

Today, as the original member of Sanctus Arcanum, I seek to restore Sanctus Arcanum as a top end Raiding/PVP Guild in Darkfall.  Our guild will be founded on the principles of an unbiased approach with systems inplace to ensure a great and fair gaming environment for all members.




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