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Stonehammer still stands!
Oct 20, 08 12:53 AM
Assyrian Code takes Stonehammer!
Oct 13, 08 10:54 PM
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Welcome to Assyrian Code!

We are an Age of Conan guild playing on the Cimmeria RP-PvP server.

Our mission is to create a guild in which every member is your brother and sister, working together to create a satisfying gaming experience and achieving a prominent position in any game we play. Providing an environment within the guild that respects individuals allowing for an enjoyable gaming experience. A foundation in which people can learn and achieve new goals otherwise out of their reach. Become a fighting force that is respected, as well as feared, by other guilds.

If you are interested in joining Assyrian Code, or if you are a new member, please read through through our Code of Conduct. Within the code you will find full details on guild rules, regulations, guidelines, and so on.

Thank you for checking us out!

Stonehammer still stands!

Griffiud, Oct 20, 08 12:53 AM.
After two vicious assaults on our Battlekeep by the Snowhawk Clan, Stonehammer is still standing and is still owned by Assyrian Code! Both battles were very hard fought by both sides, taking the fight to the Keep both times. But the Code, along with our friends and allies stood tall and drove the attackers out in the end. Great fighting by all! Stonehammer was undefended when we took her, but these two victories prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have earned her. Here's a picture of the after siege victory party, celebrating the Assyrian Code way!

Assyrian Code takes Stonehammer!

Griffiud, Oct 13, 08 10:54 PM.
Assyrian Code has laid claim to the Stonehammer Battlekeep in the Cimmerian Border Kingdom! Here's a picture of the Code and our Allies just before the siege started. Congrats and thanks to all who came out!

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