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Site up and running again
Aug 31, 10 7:51 PM
Mirmiron bites the dust
May 18, 09 12:51 PM
Ulduar on its way
May 14, 09 6:26 AM
Sartherion 3 drakes bites the dust!!!
Mar 15, 09 8:37 AM
Raid status
Feb 17, 09 5:12 PM
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Welcome to Masquerade!

This site is created for the social needs of the, EU Sunstrider guild, Masquerade.

We are a friendly and social guild, founded by former Just Nuke members in January 2008.

In the latter part of The Burning Crusade Masquerade saw great progress in end game raiding all the while keeping focus on the friendly atmosphere which the guild has become known for in the Sunstrider community. In Wrath of The Lich King Masquerade continued its tradition of progress, until just before the release of Icecrown Citadel, where real life obligations for key members forced the decision to stop scheduled raiding.

For the time being Masquerade is a casual raiding and gaming community for the many people who have enjoyed the guild over the past years.

Currently there are no plans to start scheduled raiding again, allthough Cataclyms may change this.

Please register on the site by using the name with which you are best known to people.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Masquerade!

"The Masquerade Team"
Other Guild News

Site up and running again

Werthers, Aug 31, 10 7:51 PM.
Hello there

Over the past year this homepage has been active due to our stay on the ".com" site. I have decided not to renew the subscription for that however and therefore I have tryed to clean up this homepage a bit.

Recently the guild has become fairly active ingame and Spegeldax suggested that we could start using this site again, since its always nice to have a place to hang out...

Feel free to contact me ingame for acess.


Mirmiron bites the dust

Werthers, May 18, 09 12:51 PM.
Last night Masquerade downed Mirmiron. We had a pretty horrible setup including some casuals in the raid, but never the less we pulled it together at the end of the raid, and on our last try Mirmiron went down.

It has been a very fun fight to practice - so far the most fun in the instance - and I am confident that this one will go on farm very soon.

Two mandatory bosses left for the guild now - lets go guys.

As for recruitment. We have opened up to most classes now, since we would like more competition within our ranks.


Ulduar on its way

sphongler, May 14, 09 6:26 AM.
Hi all

Just alittle update on how masquerade is doing atm - After a struggle in the beginning we started the first two weeks of ulduar with getting the first 6 bosses on farm (except ignis who was bugged like hell)

We are now clearing around 8-9 bosses on a raid night and are currently practising the mimiron encounter, which btw is the funniest fight so far (gj blizzard)

Our progress is pretty steady and I think it will only be a week or two before we are facing yogg saron - which should be a tough fight.

Raiders are getting geared and its a pleasure to see the focus, but still with alot of fooling around, during our raids. (thx eeon)

We will try to keep this a bit more updated from now on


Sartherion 3 drakes bites the dust!!!

Stridsvogn, Mar 15, 09 8:37 AM.
It was a wedensday evening that the members of Masquerade got together for another raid. After some warmup with a few wings in Naxx we moved towards the Obsidian Sanctum.

After a few wipes it stood clear - this night could only lead to one thing...
And indeed it did...
Masquerade downed Sartherion with 3 drakes on wedensday the 4th of March. Keep it up guys

GG all on Twilight Vanquisher...

Raid status

Werthers, Feb 17, 09 5:12 PM.
Hey there

2 weeks ago Masquerade downed Malygos, a kill that was long overdue.

Within the same week OS 2 drakes was downed and we are now working on doing the 3 drake event.

Other than that Masquerade is farming gear to get ready for Ulduar.

GG all


25mans Naxx

sphongler, Dec 18, 08 1:41 AM.
Wednesday the 17th of December...

Yesterday masquerade entered a fresh naxxramas hc and downed 11 bosses - I counted ½ wiped at Razuvious after alittle mistake and the mc broke.

However we are very pleased about how it went and keep up the good work then I'm sure Naxx is soon finished

Merry Xmas!


Malygos bites the dust

sphongler, Dec 2, 08 2:26 PM.
Monday night we payed Malygos a visit...

Fun fight which we found out needed 3 healers :) After 3-4 tries we only had problems with phase 3(dragon mount phase) and we wiped some more..

At last we got him down and thx for the good mood on ventrilo - keep it up

See you in Naxxramas wednesday


Naxxramas and OS cleared

sphongler, Nov 27, 08 1:57 PM.
This wednesday we started 7.30pm in Naxxramas 10man...

4 hours and 2-3 wipes after we stood infront of Kel'Thuzad. We wiped twice and called it a night.

Tonight we came back and oneshotted him and afterwards we took a trip to the Obsidian Sanctuary just to check it out.

We played it safe and killed all the dragons before engaging Sartharion - which we found out was way to easy... we wont do that next time - good raids tho

We are recruiting now since we want to start 25man raiding again and hopefully we are beginning next week


Naxxramas on the way

sphongler, Nov 24, 08 3:08 PM.
Friday the 21th of November, about a week after wotlk launch - masquerade started to do naxxramas 10man

It went pretty good and we downed 4 bosses in there and practised 4horsemen fight

Tonight we continued our journey and got another 6 bosses down

That makes a total of 10 bosses in the first week and we are very pleased with how things are going. Thx for a nice raid and see you to a fresh naxx wednesday!

We will wait a week or two with starting 25man since we still lack 80's

Keep it up lads


Go home MH

sphongler, Aug 21, 08 6:40 AM.
Yesterday the 20th of August MH got spank

Very good attitude and focus on all yesterday. After 3 hours the first 4 bosses were killed and then we got some training on archimonde which we will continue on this sunday.

Good job Masquerade


Yay tier 6 for Masquerade

sphongler, Aug 18, 08 11:53 PM.
Yesterday the 18th of August Masquerade downed Azgalor and obtained first tier 6!

After a very successfull first week of serious mh raiding - 4 bosses have been slayed :)

We had some tries and made the positioning on Archimonde aswell.

I'm glad to see we keep getting new bosses down and ppl enjoi raiding - I didn't think it would go this fast getting through MH :D

Have to give some credit to the pink panther - who are leading us through perfectly


Vacation is over soon

sphongler, Aug 14, 08 1:43 PM.
Alittle Masquerade update.

The vacation is about to be over for most of us - so now we can focus even more on progressing towards MH and BT.

We have only missed one raid in the vacation which means alot of new players have found their role in the raid which is awesome.

Yesterdays raid was a pleasure to be in and we got a clean kill on Rage - Afterwards Anetheron gave us a few problems, however after 2 wipes he fell.

We continued to "our camp" the horde camp to face Kaz'rogal. We picked up on the thrashwaves very quick and made a few tries on the boss - Last try he almost went down.. We will get back to finish him this sunday. I look forward to Azgalor who holds our first tier 6!

Good focus and fun raid all - keep it up


Masquerade on killing spree

sphongler, Jul 14, 08 3:04 PM.
Another nice raid monday the 14th of July

We started in ssc and after 3 tries Leo went down

Afterwards we moved on to TK and brought down A'lar also in 3 tries

So far no bosses have cost us more than 2 wipes - way to go

In 1½ weeks of 25man raiding we have killed 3/4 in TK and 5/6 in SSC

Keep up the nice work


4 bosses - 3 instances - 1 night - gj masq

sphongler, Jul 10, 08 2:51 AM.
Way to go Masquerade!

Well done yesterday in first magtheridon --> TK ---> SSC

After a little thrash wipe at maggy's not much went wrong in a really nice raid.

Maggy and VR were oneshotted - while Solarian and hydross took 2 tries each.

I'd like to thank all for upholding a great atmosphere and dedication throughout the entire raid and I hope and know we can continue this progress..




Werthers, Jul 7, 08 2:55 PM.
The raid on monday the 7th was another succes.

Hydross went down pretty quickly, with only a few wipes.

We decided to continue to Tidewalker who we somehow managed
to one shot.

Great job Masquerade, on gettting 4 first kills in just one week of raiding.

Lets keep it up.


Tempest Keep Getting Owned

Werthers, Jul 6, 08 2:37 PM.
Masquerade downed Solarian tonight in a very nice raid.

We have now killed two bosses in TK in less than a week and we hope to continue this progress.

Congratulations all...

Masquerade is currently not recruiting.
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