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New Start
Jun 2, 08 7:42 PM

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Aequitas is the source of the word equity, and also means "equality" or "justice".

As much as it pains me to say, Company of Dreams is no more and it is hard to let go to a guild that we all loved.  I know for me it's very hard because (although some people I know don't understand this) I had an emotional attatchment to people despite knowing that their in game personas were just pixels.  Because of Vent I was able to hear everyone's voices and they became more than just that nelf or dwarf on my screen, but friends that I enjoyed spending time with.  Unfortunatly not all people get along and that is something that no one can help.  For the second time this year we are rising back up and making ourselves anew which will take work from each and everyone of us.

That being said Aequitas is a family of friends who enjoy that enjoy the raiding aspect of the game.  As far as raiding goes it we are light raiders, if you don't want to raid, no pressure.  If you would like to go into a Kara group and you gear is not ready, we will help you get geared up through instances and heroics.  Our family looks forward to seeing you.

-Kariia of the Justice League

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New Start

539759837_Inactive, Jun 2, 08 7:42 PM.
For the next few days I'm going to be working on the guild site and trying to get things up and running with the help of everyone in the guild.  I intend to be done by Friday so be on my butt to keep me moving. :)

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