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Words to Live by
Jul 23, 08 12:11 AM
A bit of humor
Jun 5, 08 1:07 PM

Welcome to the home of The Brotherhood. This site is currently a work in progress so check back regularly to see what has changed.

You may be wondering what The Brotherhood is all about. Well let me tell you then.

We are a brotherhood of mercenaries and hirehands, thieves and on occasion even pirates. Where there is money to be made and a job to be done, you can be assured that The Brotherhood will be there.

Currently as our guild is in its infancy, we are focused on leveling and city building. As we build our membership and progress through the lands of Hyboria, we will be offering our services in a variety of ways.

Seige Battles
Escort through dangerous lands
Help running deadly dungeons
and in the future possibly paid raids.


Words to Live by

Draednek, Jul 23, 08 12:11 AM.
-draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

-or a sleeping dragon is never to be tickled

A bit of humor

Draednek, Jun 5, 08 1:07 PM.
Found on the Forums:

Yakhmar is a boss who is in his own instance with no trash in the Eiglophian Mountains. He is pretty much the first raid in the stepping stone of PvE progression.

My guild recently tried fighting him and had these issues:

1. The guardian was almost constantly knocked back/stunned and had a hard time holding aggro and just tanking in general because of it.
2. The adds would spawn and tear our group apart. They one to two shot most level 80s and four or five spawn.
3. The blizzard spell seems to be hard to avoid.

This thread is to discuss raid strategy for the boss Yakhmar. I'm sure all of us budding raiding guilds can benefit by going over and coming up with strategies.

Thank you.


alright heres my tips. numbered for solutions respective to your problems.

1) tell your tank not to drink before a raid. falling on your ass while tanking big fat monster shits doesnt usually work. if he insists on being drunk, just prop him up against a rock and tell him to flail around, chances are he'll hit the big jerk.

2) little monsters are just as mean as big monsters. remind your squishies that they are just that, squishy, and should at no point walk up and ask these beasties for a hug. send the big heavy armored badasses in. if they suffer from falling over lots, see solution 1.

3) blizzards are cold. bring jackets, mittens, hats, and maybe even 2 or 3 of each per person depending on how cold it actually is. wind is a factor, account for it, it makes stuff colder. if you live down south and dont has jacket stores, just makes a campfire and curl around it. this is less effective, but should still work out fine, provided theres at least 1 campfire for every 2 southerners.

hope my survival guide helps, i know i use it in every day scenerios.

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