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Elite Delta Force
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Welcome to the Elite Delta Force website – where leveling up and making friends is our passion.

We are a kickback guild that encourages fun game play without all the unnecessary drama.  All new guild members start out as “Initiate” for the first 30 days and then are promoted to “member.”

Check out our guild vault for supplies, armor and weapons.  The 3rd tab is reserved for levels above 29.  If you are an “initiate” level and need an item from the 3rd tab (level 29 items or higher), contact the GM or an Elite Commander, and they can get it for you.  After we get to know you a little better (30 days), we will relax this restriction.  This is for the guild’s protection because in the past some members have taken items out of the vault and sold them at the Auction House (AH).   Dishonest players caught taking items out of the vault and putting them in the AH will result in an instant /gkick.

Also as a guild member you can get automatic funds for armor and weapon repair through venders that offer repair at outposts and cities. 

 Rank   Tab1  Tab2   Tab3
Guild Master    n/a  n/a  a/n
Elite Commander    10  10  10
Commander    8  6  4
Member 4 4 2
Initiate     2  2  0

Quests:  If you need help with instance runs, or higher level monsters, contact NancyDrew orAbgirl (NancyDrews’ alt) and I will see what I can do to help you out. 

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