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Welcome to Unberogen

The young king of the Unberogen then travelled the length of the land in order to bring a Grand Alliance of tribes under his banner. The United Tribes would ally themselves with the Dwarf realms and drive the greenskins from the land.

Sigmar’s efforts brought unity and strength to his people, and through his glory, there was peace.

War again has reached western valleys of the River Reik, settled centuries before the birth of Sigmar by the Unberogen.

Karl-Franz has envisioned a chapter made from his finest warriors, united with the Elves and calling upon the Dwarf oath made centuries ago. It is by the Emperor's hand, that we reforge this centuries old alliance to throw back an even greater threat. We are the Unberogen. We will march in the Emperor's name across the lands, collecting allies and throwing back chaos wherever it has found ground, as Sigmar did centuries ago. This is our one and holy mission.

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Emperor's Litany

Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light.

- The Emperor's Litany


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