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Guild Charter
Read this stuff. If it suits you, then click 'Join Now'. If you are wondering about the status of your application, post on the general forums.

Who Are The Unberogen?
The Unberogen tribe settled along the western valleys of the
River Reik and its tributaries. They were a farming tribe and one of the largest and more powerful in the land north of the Black Mountains. In time, they built small villages and became prosperous. The largest settlement in the entire land , Reikdorf, was founded by the Unberogens long before the appearance of the twin-tailed comet and the birth of Sigmar.

So... Who Are The Unberogen?
As a guild, the Unberogen is an Order guild dedicated to the single holy mission of cleansing chaos wherever it may take hold. As players, we are a group of friends who have played together in just about every MMO imaginable, dating back to the days of MUDs and PBM games. We are not a hardcore, scheduled, number crunching, min maxing guild, but some of us edge on fanatical in devotion.

  • An order guild.
  • We are a group of equals here.
  • RVR and PVE. We are a balanced guild.
  • Contribution to the guild is expected at whatever level you are able to provide. Most important is social.
  • We are primarily East Coast. Most of us are in the NJ/PA area with a decent membership in TX too (it just worked out that way). So if you wanna hang and get a beer, that is where you need to be.
Benefits of Joining
  • A really dedicated, mature(ish) group of players to quest and pvp with.
  • Focused, decisive leadership in guild events.
  • A bar none, quality website to participate with.
  • On request, each veteran member of at least one month will receive a guild writ.
  • Achievements in guild will be reflected on your writ, and in medals in the roster area.
  • You must fight as a team.
  • Vent would be nice.
  • No level or career restrictions at this time.
  • Know the rules.

  • 18 to party. Unless your family. If a guild officer can punch your kid to get him to stop being annoying, then its legal.
  • We make exceptions. You can still try.
  • We are raunchy, degenerate, and abusive. If you need a  more civil guild, the Needlepoint Club is looking for help.
  • With that said, personal, threating attacks are not welcome, and will be dealt with.
  • If you know a kid is on voice, ease off the language. I don't see this being an issue. Don't prove me wrong.
  • Show respect to each other. Except for Joe.
  • If at any point you mention how lame Joe is, your chances of getting in the guild, and being accepted and an equal is much higher.
  • If you bring your baggage to the forums, expect a heartless verbal lashing. Keep personal messages to the mail system, and to specific people. We're here to kill and party. Not to write emo songs about how rough we have it.
  • People have opinions. They are meant to be expressed. Don't hate.

The Emperor Needs You!

Now recruiting all classes. Tanks (esp. characters named Bimli) are very welcome!

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