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Veteran Members
Every veteran member of the Unberbogen will be granted a writ that proudly displays their achievements, rank, image, and affiliation.


Warhammer rosters are no longer available from Mythic/Bioware. We apologize for an inconvenience! Please try the standard roster instead.


Member Ranks

That spare, worthless T1 engineer.

All newly initiated members must go through a trial of acceptance. These members are known as outriders, and serve as scouts and watchmen.

Battle Brother
A capable and proven soldier in the Unberogen is identified as a Battle Brother or Sister.

First Company Veteran
A veteran player who has committed admirable time in and outside of battlefield mechanics to better the Unberogen.

First Company Sergeant
The best of the first company. A player who's devotion to the guild on and off of the battlefield can only be matched by their leadership skills.

Commissioned Officers

Emperor's Champion
The head of the officers. A member who can perform field promotions, and invites to the guild.

Field Marshal
An officer in the guild. A member who can perform field promotions, and invites to the guild.

Chapter Master
The current guild leader.

Guild Council

Council Member
A guild member who organizes events, contributes to the site, and generates interest in the guild from outside populations. There will be several council members active at any point, with the council size growing and shrinking to meet the guild size.

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