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Welcome to the Discombobulated home page! 

Were doing great guys and gals.  We just about have enough 80s to do NAXX.

Ok we are working on progressing through Naxx and would like to include as many people as possible but we are not on farm yet.   Please run as many heroics as you can to gear up for Naxx.  The officers have come up with a set of requirements for inclusion in a Naxx run.

Tanks: Should have around 23.5k unbuffed and defensed capped

DPS: Should have an average dps around 1400 unbuffed.

Healing: Should have around 1500 spell power

This week we did limit the Naxx run to Officers so that we could come up with a set of requirements to make sure that when we come to Naxx we can kill something.  Please understand we are trying to build a geared raiding guild and want to make sure every one has a chance to get to Naxx and beyond. 

We are also working to get another raid group for Naxx together so please keep running heroics and buying your badge gear.

Enjoy the site and any input would be more than welcome, everything is subject to change right now so feel free to drop me a line, put it in the forums or send me a tell or mail in WoW.

I would also ask that if you sign up you show up.  We are going to start a policy that if you sign up and don't show you well not be asked or allowed to raid for a week.  I understand RF things happen and if they do talk to a officer and let us know.

As for gear pls make sure you are gemmed and chanted as best you can.  I understand that you are not going to get expensive enchants and gems on Moderate gear.

I would also like to say that the requirements stated above are pretty easy to meet and you can get alot of really nice gear from heroic's. So please if you do sign up make sure your gear is where it should be.  It makes the fights alot easier and if you are a newer player doing heroics well help you understand the boss fights in raids better and make you more adaptable.

SPEC's....  Tho spec's are often not mentioned if you are new to the game and are not quite sure what the best spec's are for your class for PvE party/raiding feel free to ask any officer or armory some characters and look at thiers.  There is alot to be said for properly spec'd toon you'll see you stats go up and your dps/heals.

There is a website I've been using to show me what are the best possible enchants and gems for my gear and it well also show you where to upgrade and where your Character well perform best. is the website check it out it's easy to use and may give you a few idea's.

Finally the last thing I want to talk about is Raid timings.  Most of our raids begin at 1900 server time tuesdays and thursdays and most of the events can be found on this website.  The reason for using this Calendar is because first it shows that you truly are interested in raiding cause you had to make the extra effort to get a login for the website and that you are checking the calendar frequntly also it attaches a date/time stamp so we can tell who was first and that well give you the best oppertunity for going.  The in game WoW calendar is used sometimes but is not the best for planning events (no date/time stamp).  I would ask that if you sign up for a raid at 1900 that you are online and ready to go for 1845 that way we can have the group built and in Nax at 1900.  We well try and be better at posting events in advance so you can plan ahead.

Well thats about it....  If you see anything that should be added or you think something should be dropped feel free to talk to officer and we'll see what we can do for ya. 

Cheers for now and Happy raiding =)  Moranine


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