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Our Progress
Sep 8, 08 8:30 PM
Our KoS Slaughter Continues!
Aug 12, 08 12:27 PM
Another Success
Aug 6, 08 2:18 AM
Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
Jul 28, 08 9:21 AM
Faith Has a New Address!
Jun 15, 08 4:10 PM
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    Welcome to Faith, an Everquest II guild on the Everfrost server.  Here you can find helpful information, news and events, and plenty of laughs.  Check back often since this page is always changing and adding new information. 

    We already have several dedicated members, but we are always looking for more.  We love to group, quest, and always have a great time on our Ventrilo server.  If you are a member, then you already know how much fun we have.  But if you are a visitor, why wait any longer to join the fun?  Please post in the forum or contact a member in-game.

We are Mainly seeking experienced level 60+ ......




Mystics / Defilers





Our Progress

~Zabekis~, Sep 8, 08 8:30 PM.
    Over the last month or so, we have defeated Chel'Drak in Chamber of Destiny, Bonecruncher in Cavern of the Crustaceans and have even completed our first EoF raid, Freethinkers Hideout.

    We have come a very long way and are now making a few changes to the guild ranks and looting system for raids. As you will all notice, you all have been given 10 Guild Points (DKP) to start off with, to use at your leisure during raids to ensure you get that special item you've been dying for. There will be many ways to gain more points.

Examples include...

Donating lvl 71+ Masters to the Guild Bank

Doing 25 writs (Tradeskill writs do not count) in 1 day

Attending raids ON TIME 2 Guild points , and sticking it out until the end will give more

and more, which will be listed very soon.

Starting September 8 (Tuesday) the point system will be active.

Great job everyone for getting us this far! You all deserve a round of applause.

                                 ~THANK YOU FAITH RAIDERS!~

Our KoS Slaughter Continues!

~Zabekis~, Aug 12, 08 12:27 PM.
Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
Ascent of the Awakened (Epic x2)
Lyceum of Abhorrence

Ascent of the Awakened (Epic x4)

    We only have a few more zones to go until we have cleared Kingdom of Sky's raid zones, we have taken down Deathtoll, quite swiftly I might add, and on our first run too! Congratulations to all who got their Claymore as well!!! We will be moving on to Isle of Mara raid zones, which include killing Chel'drak and the giant crab in the Cavern of Crustaceans. 

    After these we will be taking our big step into EoF and see how we fare there, thank you to all of you who have helped us get this far, we couldnt have done it without you!


Another Success

~Zabekis~, Aug 6, 08 2:18 AM.
   Wasn't it just yesterday that we held our first raid at Courts of Al'Afaz? Boy it sure seems like it... In all truth, I am amazed we have done this well and got up to this point so fast. I just wanted to give a big hand to our raiders and of course everyone here at Faith.

    If things keep going this good up here in ol'Kingdom of Sky, we may very well be on our way to some EoF raids! We shall see what awaits us in the future. Perhaps someday we will find ourselves in the dark halls of Veeshan's Peak! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Congrats on our second kill of Lord Vyemm!!!

We are holding a Lyceum of Abhorence Raid this Sunday, if you would like to attend please contact an officer in-game, thank you! We hope to see new and old raiders to join us!


Laboratory of Lord Vyemm

539784455_Inactive, Jul 28, 08 9:21 AM.
Hello all

Zabekis is away so said i would post the result on our t7 Laboratory of Lord Vyemm Raid

Would like to thank everyone who attended our raid that we cleared  true very well.
It was nice to clear it for our first run which we did very successfully.

Would just like to thank all people again who joined us on raid  and who made time to come with us also
As of last night this will be a every weekend raid for us now
Look forward to seeing people back next week for raid again
                                     Dahakon Ironhoven
                                          <Guild Leader>

Faith Has a New Address!

System, Jun 15, 08 4:10 PM.
Faith has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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