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Welcome to ForLoveAndMoney, a Draka Alliance Guild

As the name would suggest the reason we have created this guild is for the love of the game.  We are a casual guild who has made a regular presence in both 10 and 25 man 90 raiding content, and the guild has been around since 2008.

Our rules are few but strict, in short don't be an asshole ... we all love to make fun and play with each other in jest, but know the lines between funny and mean.  If you cross the line you'll be told so and given another chance but don't expect to have more than 2 chances before you're gone.  We just wanna have fun and experience all that the game offers and enjoy each others company.

Please make sure that you check our website often as this is the easiest way for us to update the guild on any new information we have.  Read the Guild Information forums.

To apply for membership please read the information in the forums you can see and then click on the New User? link at top of page

If you are a member of this guild and have not registered then please do so; some information is only visible to members, and other features will not work unless your characters are linked to your membership.

Other Guild News

Garrosh Hellscream downed by guild

Peter/Nihilism, Oct 28, 14 1:00 AM.

Raid logs

Peter/Nihilism, Jun 17, 14 12:28 AM.
For those who aren't aware of it, on the Raiding Page there are links down the left hand side of the page to the results for all of our Flex and 10 man raids. We are registered on both World of Logs and WarcraftLogs which can provide some interesting information and data about the fights. The data is provided by the combat logs for the raid instances and is currently being uploaded to both sites.

Links to our guild pages are as follows:
World of Logs

WARNING! Scammers

Peter/Nihilism, Sep 17, 10 1:12 PM.
Please remember that anyone contacting you and telling you your account is "compromised" and asking you to login to confirm anything is a FAKE.  One of our members even received a phone call at work trying to scam them.

The ONLY addresses you should enter your password at begin with https://us.battle.net or http://www.worldofwarcraft.com.  It is only safe to navigate your way there from your bookmarks or by typing in the address; do not click on links in emails, the fake sites they take you to are very good imitations and you will shortly lose everything in your account.

Most people's accounts are not 'hacked', they are given access by people freely giving away their passwords to friends and scammers.
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