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Forums : General Discussion > Ventrilo - crackling and static problem suggestions
Peter/Nihilism (SuperAdmin) 4/13/2010 12:10 AM EST : Ventrilo - crackling and static problem suggestions
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Some people have a problem where others can only hear loud static when they push their talk button.  The following suggestions may help resolve the problem.

My first suggestion is to reload your current or a newer version of your sound card driver.  Go to the manufacturers website and find the right one to match your card.  Occasionally you might have to try an older driver than you currently have, especially if you never used to have a problem and developed one.

The rest of this is from the Ventrilo FAQ and support forum:

"Q: Sometimes I broadcast "static".

Research has shown this problem to be either directly caused by XP or a combination of the OS and sound card drivers. Some machines are also prone to generating static when the server is configured to use a 22Khz sample rate vs. the default 11Khz. But even then not everyone will have this problem.

Static also tends to be induced on XP systems if you have more then one program monitoring the same sound card's input device (i.e. using in-game voice comms while using Ventrilo) or if another program in the background tries to manipulate the same sound card's mixer and controls.

There is also a bind feature called "Reset sound input device" which can be used to stop static until the next time it happens. However, you might need to reset it several times to make it actually stop. There will be a 3 second delay after you press the bind and before you can start transmitting again.

Alternately if you still have static try resetting your sound input device using a bind key. to do this follow my easy directions below:

  1. Start Ventrilo
  2. At top of program press the -> (right arrow) button to the right of the BINDINGS drop-down box
  3. At the top of the new window press the NEW button (beside CLONE button) and enter your character name. The name doesn't matter but the binding set can be used on any server you connect to.
  4. Press OK
  5. Press ADD button at bottom left of new window
  6. Press the key you want as the hotkey.  This will normally be a key you don't use for anything else such as ~ or a function key, or a key on your number pad, but since you'll only be pressing it with the Vent window in the foreground it won't conflict with WoW keys or anything.  the hotkey will be displayed in the box.
  7. Select the box for 'Reset Sound Input Device'
  8. Press OK
  9. Hit OK to exit bindings setup
  10. Select the new binding set in the dropdown box at top of your Ventrilo, then hit your hotkey three or four times to reset it. (it often takes a few presses.)  You will not hear or see any notification of change other than hopefully the static is gone.

Please be advised that the Static and Robotic problems are not caused by Ventrilo. They are either OS or sound card driver related.

1) Also try using a USB based microphone.
2) Enable any onboard sound card and use it for your microphone input.
3) In setup enable the "Use DirectSound for input device"."  (Definitely do this because it let's you do volume normalizing for everyone at the same time; see my other post)

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