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So you want to raid?
For people who want to raid with the guild in Flex, 10 man, 25 or Heroic you must read the requirements in the Guild Member Information forum, and look at the information in the Raid Info forum.
WarcraftLogs Added
We have added the WarcraftLogs website for raid results as it has more features and options. You can join by clicking on the link below:
or by going to the site and using the following authorisation code: 9186/JpNCM4R2

These are only for guild members.
World of Logs
As you can see at left we have begun uploading raid data to the World of Logs. This provides a good analysis of fights to spot what may be going wrong, or just to gloat in the glory of your numbers. As you can see the link box is very basic and doesn't show anything except the raid name, what it thinks was the difficulty (it's not very good yet with LFR or Flex identification) and then the number of bosses killed followed by the number of attempts.

Here is the link to the full ForLoveAndMoney report page:

If you want to be able to upload your own combat logs let me know and I can help if you wish.

Raid Progression
You may disagree with the information shown in the box at right. If you understand how it calculates the information then perhaps we can provide it with better data for better results. If you hover over the individual raids the tooltip should show you the bosses it thinks have been killed by the guild in that raid.

The information is calculated from a list of raiders for each expansion (MoP & Cata) for 10 and 25 raids. 75% of the raiders listed have to have killed a boss for it to count as done (this percentage can be modified if required). At present the box is showing the combined results for the following raiders:

 Mists of Pandoria:
 Hamaid  Parslee  Petco  KandiKiss  Nihilism
 Cataclysm:  Hamaman  KandiKane  Rahzlynn Oddboom

If, for example, one of these three was primarily on a different alt to raid in Cataclysm then that would skew the results. So for best accuracy what we want is to set the names of the most regular raiders for each of the two expansions. Please let me know if there are better choices to use for data and I'll update it.

Peter / Nihilism

Raid Progression
So-and-so has logged on!