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You have found the website of one of the Hordes Heroes. We are a guild of players playing World of Warcraft’s best guilds! We are playing on the Drak'Thul, PvP (Player verses Player) servers, and obviously on the side of the horde! /shout FORE THE HORDE! :)

Feel free to take a look around the public areas of the guild’s website and if you want to join us you can apply by following the [New User] button at the top right half of this page and follow the directions. Then log onto the Drak'Thul server make a Horde character and contact an officer in game to ask for an invite into the guild. :)

The following is a partial list of officers you can frequently find online when you log in. You can ask anyone of them for an invite into the guild and they will be happy to invite you. If they are not online when you log in, you can ask any member of the guild who is online for the name of an officer who is currently online so you can ask them for the invite:

1. Bandolero
2. Deathnightie
3. Moohh
4. Muttered

We hope you enjoy you time on our site and we look forward to slaying dragons with you in game. See you there!

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