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We're recruiting all classes and levels. We don't descriminate :D
Requirements for membership include:
1.) Having read the charter. It's long, it's boring, but it serves it's purpose> keeping drama to a minimum.
2.) Application to guild
3.) Two week recruitment period
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Mora Periculum has disbanded due to population issues on the server. Thanks for your interest and best of luck.


Ohhh Sarrkkkkiinnnn

venomocity, Oct 11, 08 11:08 PM.
So... after 5 deaths ( i think, sorta lost count after the first couple) and about 5.5 hours in a hellish place called Isle of Madness, we FINALLY got a manual for Sarkin, the carpy who's been working so so hard on beams and panels for the guild hall!! Does this look yummy or what sarkin?! Log in and check your mailbox!!

Great job Mora Periculum. Thanks for pulling together to help a fellow guildee, and by extension, our guild hall progress! Who was there? Placenta, Infekted, Tobna, Shortstuffs. Good show guys!

Special thanks to Shiejaan of the guild Shadow of Eternity for sticking it out with us for over 5 hours"fun"? hehe


venomocity, Sep 15, 08 1:07 PM.

We downed this guy 1 man short and all in the lower level reccomendations for the dungeon! NICE JOB GUYS!!

Here's us mid fight, looking good guys!

Here's the victory party...wait...WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!?? Dirty girls x.x That's not going to respawn the mob. Nice try though!

MP Invades IoD

venomocity, Sep 14, 08 3:29 PM.
Thanks to Aeylana for setting up this FANTASTIC group event! We had 2 FULL guilded groups on this outing and got to check things on the Isle out!

How would YOU like to call THIS home?

venomocity, Aug 21, 08 5:03 AM.

Hey guys! This is our new long term goal. We've already begun preparations and need everyone to band together to make this dream a reality!

It will take a long time, hard work, team work, and dedication, but I KNOW we can do this!

If you'd be interested in learning more about how you can help, please see the "From Management to Members" Forums!

Thanks for your support!


Mora Periculum Guild House Construction

Croach, Aug 3, 08 1:05 PM.
Completed.jpg Completed picture by jessieejr
Prebuild.jpg Gathering II picture by jessieejr
Capture.jpg Gathering picture by jessieejr

The following pictures of the guild house construction were taken several weeks ago.  Thank you to everyone that contributed supplies and all that showed up for the celebration!
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