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Lord Bryonne Neelsyn was disenchanted with his people's continued arrogance and pact with fel powers, such as warlocks, demons, and undead. Even after they cruelly imprisoned a Naaru and the betrayal of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Blood Elves have continued their downward spiral into darkness, fuelled by their arrogance. With the culmunation of these events, Lord Bryonne decided to break official ties with the other noble houses in Quel'Thalas and seek something better, by travelling the world, and learning from other peoples. Now, following the faith of the Light along with a deep respect for nature, House Neelsyn seeks to forge a new future for all peoples willing to leave behind their own selfish desires and work toward the common good of all.
Other Guild News

House Neelsyn Celebrates Daylana's Return!

539790799_Inactive, Aug 14, 08 2:16 PM.
We will be celebrating the return of Daylana Eldaar to House Neelsyn on August 18th at 8:00 pm (server time) at Saltheril`s Haven, Eversong Woods, west of Fairbreeze Village. Attendence is by invitation only.
Praise the Light for returning her to us!

Family Member Found!

539790799_Inactive, Aug 11, 08 7:00 PM.
The Light be praised!
Daylana, daughter of my sister, Marleene, was recently found in the ruins of Silvermoon. After four years survivng on her own, the Light saw fit to guide her back to us once more.
Let us give thanks to the Light, as we celebrate this momentous occasion!

House Neelsyn Achieves Guild Status!

539790799_Inactive, Aug 4, 08 11:43 AM.
After we split from Quel'Thalas, we lost our official standing as a noble house, and ultimately, our standing within the Horde.
Now, after months of negotiations with Thrall and other Horde officials, we have achieved guild status! This entitles us to protection from the Horde, as well as the ability to freely do business with other Horde members. Though we may not officially be recognized as a noble house, we will still run this guild like one, and spread the good name of Neelsyn to all corners of Azeroth and beyond.
Currently, House Nobles are going through rigorous training, and we are not yet officially recruiting. With the summer upon us, things are moving forward slowly, but we predict things will pick up again when the autumn arrives.
Anyone interested in our guild should feel free to contact me.

Go with the Light.

Welcome to the Seventh House of Neelsyn

539790799_Inactive, Jul 28, 08 12:26 PM.
Be welcomed into House Neelsyn, and know that you have at last found a home. We look forward to working with others of goodwill during these dark times we live in. Though you may not be related to us by blood, you are as much a part of our family as any blood relation. As long as you keep the Light in your heart and the love of family within you, we will forge that shining future we seek. Our goal is not for power or wealth, but for peace and family, for those that are truly loved by others already have all the power and wealth they could ever need.

Glory to the Light!
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