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Welcome to SOCOM. The Special Operation Command Headquarters.

I would like to welcome everyone to the SOCOM website. Though the guild was officially formed in the game Star Wars Galaxies on the Kauri server the guild has members that have been playing MMOs since the early days of Ultima Online and Everquest. Since Star Wars Galaxies SOCOM members have spanned into many different games including Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Everquest and many more.

SOCOM is not a guild focusing on one game. SOCOM is a guild that wants its members to play any game they wish and to share their experiences with other SOCOM members. This website is what is here for. This website is to be used as a tool for all members to communicate. To tell stories of their in-game experience and out of game experience. And of course just to chit chat about daily stuff.

SOCOM currently makes its home on the Bloodfin server of Bloodfin SWG EMU .

For any questions in regards to the website or membership please send guild portal mail to me. Once again


Traceral, MrInfinit3


Guild News

SOCOM World Boss List

vinyacam, Jan 8, 12 10:59 PM.
We have now killed every World Boss with the exception of Snowblind (Hoth Lvl 44), Gargath (Hoth Lvl 49), and The Primal Destroyer (Belsavsis Lvl 50).

Good Work guys.

Happy New Year SOCOM

vinyacam, Jan 1, 12 12:56 AM.
As I enter my Ninth Year here with SOCOM I just wanted to say Happy New Year.  It warms my heart to see the old crew back together again.  

Here is to a long and wonderful year of good friends, fun times, and dead Pubs.

Vent Voice Normalization

vinyacam, Dec 24, 11 4:39 PM.

Every guild's Ventrilo has the one person who talks way too loud (usually a young and/or drunk person) and the one person who talks way too quietly (usually the raid leader, main healer, main tank, or someone else totally vital to the raid.) But luckily for us, Thrux of Darkspear has come up with a handy guide to normalize everyone's voice on Vent:

  • Go to Setup
  • Enable Direct Sound
  • Select the SFX Button
  • Select Compressor and click Add.
  • Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:
    Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15) 
    Attack = 0.01 
    Release = Around 500 
    Threshold = Around -30 
    Ratio = 100 
    Pre delay = 4.0
  • Done!

Guild Crafting

vinyacam, Dec 22, 11 1:05 PM.
Please visit the Crafting forums and post your current progress on the Crew Skills you have.  It does not matter how low they are or what skills you have, just give us an update and continue to update them ever 2-3 days.  We are trying to co ordinate our crafting and materials to ensure we can have everything covered.

If you need an item from a crafter, please browse the schematics list in the forums on our site, decide what you want and then in-game mail that crafter so he has a hard copy of the item you want.  Unless you know for a fact, go under the assumption that the crafter onlu has green items of the level you need.



TheFox_ReDux, Dec 22, 11 12:50 PM.
So it's 6:45am CST on the 23rd of December.  The grace period is over and now for players to continue playing SWTOR they have to activate their subscriptions.   I myself had already signed up for a 3 month recurring several days ago.   Per the website, I had answered their 5 security questions and even had the opportunity to test them due to a typo'd password.   So I believe everything is okie dokie and try to log on to the game only to find "There are no active subscriptions on this account" message on the launch.

I go to the website to check my account and Im confronted with a "Waiting Room" page that automatically refreshes!!!!! So now we not only face que's for the game but now we face que's to access the damn web site.   I can't even access the forums, same "Waiting Room" screen there.   As I type this I have been in waiting for a good 10 min.

While I wait to find the end of this current saga, you my friends might be interested in the SWG memory book posted on the SWG website SWG Memory Book.  It brought a tear to my eye and almost made me sad to think I wasn't there when it ended.   They actually put the Death Star into the game, I could see SOCOM attacking this thing, flyin in formation, YT's flying high cover while the rest of us attempt to enter its trenches.  

Of course my mind then turned to the PVP events we use to frequent, fighting it out at Wessik's imperial base on Lok, or raiding Theed Space Port.   If we were lucky, flying into Moenia unopposed and hightailing to the name of a player city I can't remember the name of to have our epic battles.   I have hope that SWTOR will give us some of the same types of memories even if we all do look the same.

7:10am CST and still waiting (25min)

I decided to see what people are saying to pass the time.   Found this thread on MMO Champion that is growing rather rapidly.   Seems there are a lot of people either having problems with registration or registration breaking when they attempt to register.   Strap in folks, the plane is in a flat spin, the tail has come loose, and we are dropping like a rock but Bioware Yeager says he can still fly it (that's a joke based on a real life account of one of Yeager's test flights).

7:21pm CST and Im finaly in the website. (36min wait).

So apparently I did not enter my contact information.   The contact information you entered with your credit card is treated differently from the "Contact Information" link in you profile.  So if you find yourself faced with "no active subscription" then you might check this first but expect the cues on the website to continue for the next 24hrs.

The Force Will Set You Free


Note to All members!
Any former SOCOM members should visit the forums for the latest vent info and what everyone is doing 
Sidious1 5/14/2015 4:08 AM
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