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Currently Recruiting
Jul 22, 08 2:59 PM
Jul 22, 08 2:53 PM
Another One Bites The Dust!
Jul 18, 08 6:45 PM
Hydross WTFPWND!
Jul 14, 08 6:06 PM
Jul 11, 08 6:34 PM
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Currently Recruiting

539797870_Inactive, Jul 22, 08 2:59 PM.
Current Open Recruitment

Please apply in the forums.

Even if your class is closed please feel free to apply all apps will be considered.
Please do NOT click on the apply button built into guild portal. We do not use this for our applications. Please visit our forums.Thank you

: Open (1 holy, 1 DPS)                 
Druid: Open (1 feral, 1 resto)
Priest:   Open (2 shadow, 1 holy)             Shaman: CLOSED
Hunter:  Open (1)                                   Mage: Open (1)
Warrior: Open (1 Arms)                           Warlock: (Open 2)
Rogue:  Open (1)


539797870_Inactive, Jul 22, 08 2:53 PM.
One more under the belt.. VERY nice job guys and gals.. again ..  grats on the Phat Lewts.

Girdle of the Tidal Call

Pauldrons of the  Argent Sentinel

Serpent-Coil Braid

Another One Bites The Dust!

539797870_Inactive, Jul 18, 08 6:45 PM.
Grats on this fun kill all...  =)
 Grats on the fresh loots!!!
[Vambraces of Ending]

[Star-Soul Breeches]
 [Ethereum Life Staff]

Hydross WTFPWND!

539797870_Inactive, Jul 14, 08 6:06 PM.
So.. Hydross got his face WTFPWD! Grats to all who were there on the kill... Amazing job for a new guild 3 bosses for first 3 guild raids !!  Amazing! Grats to those who one some cool LEWT!!

[Wraps of Purification]
[Brighthelm of Justice]
[Ranger-Generals Chestguard]


539797870_Inactive, Jul 11, 08 6:34 PM.
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