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Echos in Eternity

          <Echos in Eternity>
      Created: June 08
      Type:  Casual

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Echos in Eternity is an Alliance guild on the PVP server Drak'thul in World of Warcraft.

EE is an organized casual group of adventurers focused on experiencing all the content WoW has to offer.

Guildees: Please log-in at the top of the page to gain access to Guild-Only resources, including our private forums.

Applicants: Interested in joining our guild? Please read the following guild rules, and if you like what you see - continue the application process.

Echos In Eternity began as a safe haven for casual players who wanted to step back from competitive play and enjoy the experience of questing with friends in an easy-going environment. Since that time, Echos In Eternity has developed into a well-established, family friendly guild on the Drak'Thul server! We don't require consistent game-play or demand you to play a certain way. What we do, however, is provide you with the structure to help you accomplish your goals - whether they be Kara, Heroics, PVP, or leveling up as many alts as you can.

Our forums are the hub of our guild, we share funny stories, plan in-game groups and events, and inform you of the newest `news' immediately there.

Although we do not require members to be helpful, we have worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere that balances give and take. When it is not possible to help the person who helped you, pass it on to another guildee in need! This attitude has kept us going for a long time, and has contributed to our slow, steady growth and solid friendships. We strive for a culture of Courtesy, Bravery, and Honor.

A note of caution: If you are the type of person who wants all the gold you can get no matter who you take it from, wants all the gear they can, takes help from others but never returns the favor, then this guild is not for you.

Hey all, Tupacc discovered an addon that will be of help to everyone called 'Group Calender'. It is, as the name would indicate, an 'ingame' calender on which to mark events, confirm attendance, leave messages, etc. The very nice thing is that it appears as a clock on the upper left of your minimap where the moon/sun are located. Clicking on the clock opens the calender. This calendar will help us tremendously in the planning and scheduling of events, most of all because it is 'ingame' as opposed to the website calender.

"WE"  pressed this addon "IS" mandatory requirement for the guild If you want to save your Spot in a raid.

You can download the latest version

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We honor the brave..

539798233_Inactive, Jul 1, 08 3:39 PM.
Magtheridon's Lair                                   




   Prince Malchezaar       Terestian Illhoof           Shade of Aran

   The Curator                  Maiden of Virtue                 Moroes

                                     Attumen the Huntsman

Some screen shots from the new expantion

539807694_Inactive, Jul 1, 08 12:48 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539798233_Inactive, Jun 21, 08 3:14 PM.
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