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The World Eaters
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"I have to go before him, and he will ask me, 'What is the riddle of steel?' If I don't know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at Me." - King Conan of Aquilonia.

The World Eaters Clan was formed many moons ago in many places, amidst the heat of battle, the camaraderie of the taverns, the sorcery of the occult. It is these elements that have made the World Eaters clan.

A time ago the lands where not so decrepit, beasts and mercenaries did not stalk every shadow and for a brief time things where calm. Now the Border Kingdoms are being assailed and corruption is even more rife than it once was. Warlords rise and fall with the passing of the seasons.  And a with a heavy brow does King Conan sit upon his throne.

The World Eaters are young, burning with all the fire of impetuosity. A time of reckoning is coming, one and all must show their worth; together we stand and united we shall fall.

The World Eaters have but two simple aims. Strength through honour, victory through courage. We shall enact our rage and will upon any we see fit, whether it be man, woman or beasts...

“Welcome friend, take a seat, eat hearty and drink deep its time we prepared for war.”

“Times are changing, the border kingdoms are held on a knife-edge of uneasy tension and we are being assailed from enemies within our own lands, times are indeed changing.”

“Greetings one and all, I am Rogal, chieftain of The World Eaters and faithful servant to the Throne of Aquilonia and the King himself. If you are here you seek to rally beneath our banner and join the fray. There is but one test to see whether you are worthy to join our clan. There is only one true, pure thing left in our world and that friend is honour. If you prove your honour you will be welcomed as like a brother to our clan, then all that is left is for you to prove your mettle on the fields of the gods.”

To all players wishing to join The World Eaters please create a Guild Portal account and sign up to the guild site. Once signed up simply go to the Forums tab and enter the Recruitment topic, copy and paste the required questions from the ‘Applications’ topic. Press ‘Add new topic’ and write down your application.

Once your application has been dealt with you will be informed to contact an officer in game this will be an in character interview to finalise your entry and application.

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