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Ibikil is our new Raid Leader
Oct 12, 08 12:41 PM
Descent Has a New Address!
Jun 23, 08 1:54 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jun 23, 08 1:29 PM
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Welcome to Descent!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Descent, an Alliance guild on the Dunemaul server. We plan on doing organized PVP (organized BG's, world, arena), 10-Man Raids, and Heroic Instances. This guild is for mature (in attitude) players levels 60+ who wish to experience PVP at end-game level and for players who wish to focus on heroic instances and smaller raids. Unlike most other guilds, we don't invite people based strictly on their gear or playing ability. First and foremost, we want quality people. We intend on staying small, to keep more of a "family" type of atmosphere.


I truly believe that although they might be seldom needed, there are a few rules that we need to live by:

#1- Please treat each other with dignity and respect at all times: No exceptions! 

#2- Please help keep guild chat clean: You'll get ONE warning

PLEASE ASSIST GUILDIES THAT ARE BEING GANKED: YES drop what you are doing to help! The best way to prevent ganking is a full show-of-force, to show that this guild will indeed fight back. Or we'll end up on a KOS list...... :)

Please don't expect the higher level players to power-level you: But remember helping lower guildies out is a great way to build unity with one another.

#5- Don't beg for gold. Period: You will get ONE warning for this

#6- Respect the Class Leaders: They are the officers here, and they have my full support

#7- ALWAYS represent the Guild honorably in ALL matters:

I expect all of us  to act within the above guidelines (and I know 99% of you will). Consistent vioaltions could result in raid exclusion, expulsion, or domotion to the rank of Hand Of Ibikil which is a muted rank. Sorry, but I don't have the time to argue with children other than my own....


Not too bad, huh? Anyway, Ibikil is our Raid Master and he is Co-Guild Master as well. He will have the final decision on all things concerning raids and instances. I'll be handling PVP issues for now.

Watch the Calendar for upcoming events and HELP EACH OTHER when Wotlk hits!!

If you have recruiting privileges, use them wisely! Quality people should take priority over gear.

Much love,
Papa MTD

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Ibikil is our new Raid Leader

539802619_Inactive, Oct 12, 08 12:41 PM.
Well, actually he's the know what I mean

Descent Has a New Address!

System, Jun 23, 08 1:54 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539802619_Inactive, Jun 23, 08 1:29 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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