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Nov 25, 08 10:09 AM
Current Raiding Schedule
Oct 23, 08 12:16 AM
Teron Gorefiend
Oct 3, 08 7:47 AM
Loot Council
Aug 29, 08 2:28 PM
Aug 25, 08 10:51 PM
Welcome to the website for Ascending Existence!

We have transitioned to our new Guild name and website. If you are a current member you must still fill out an application in order to raid. All new people wanting to join must do the same as well. Please visit


Other Guild News


Botokai, Nov 25, 08 10:09 AM.
Formertly known as <Ascending Existence>. We have reformed under a new name, <Heresy>. We are currently recruiting healers of all classes (preferably resto shamans) and exeptional Death Knight dps who know what they are doing. Our goal is 25 man progression! We plan to start asap, we just need healers who know how to level and are already 80!

Our raid times are 6-10 Server time, Mon-Thurs.

For more information please go to our website

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Botokai, Mellonsb, Dheez, Apakaringa, or Xkiller in game. Note: Do not message me mid raid, I will handle all apps in a timely manner!

Current Raiding Schedule

Botokai, Oct 23, 08 12:16 AM.
I will be hosting pug raids on all of the following until the expansion comes out.

Tuesday: SSC
Wednesday: Hyjal
Thursday: BT
Friday: TK
Saturday: Gruul/Mag
Monday: Cleanup, (Archi, Kael, etc..)


Teron Gorefiend

Botokai, Oct 3, 08 7:47 AM.
The following post was made by Mirage in the raiding forum here. Please review this posting and comment if you feel necessary!



This week we have made EXCELLENT progression through BT.  But with the first three bosses down, things are only going to get tougher.
Tonight we put some great attempts in on Teron Gorefiend.  Getting such a "learning-curve" type of boss down to 35% in just a few tries is amazing.  It's not a fight that you can just walk in and "one-shot" - it requires practice, and EVERYONE needs to be able to pull their own weight.

Reading up on fights and researching things outside of the game is necessary for progression in higher instances, such as BT, Hyjal, and Sunwell.  People need to familiarize themselves with strategies and boss mechanics.

Teron Gorefiend Simulator - This is a link to a Teron Gorefiend "Flash Game".  While it is in many ways different from the actual fight (and really, people are only going to perfect the fight by doing it in-game), it lays out the basic idea behind the most complicated and most important portion of the fight that is trivial to our success.

Teron Gorefiend WoWWiki (Tactics) - This link provides basic strategies and tactics for the fight.  As long as the people under Shadow of Death do their job, the amount of raid healing required should be relatively low compared to other healing intensive fights such as Najentus. Aside from destroying the Constructs, keeping the MT topped off AT ALL TIMES, and IMMEDIATELY dispelling the Incinerate on raid members is really all there is to it.

It's a dps race, so do whatever you have to do to pew-pew-pew.

As with all raiding and instancing, it's always group effort.  Sometimes people are able to "sluff off", but in higher instances this just won't cut it.  Our guild contains people of varying skill levels.  While some things come more naturally to some people than others, you've still got to be able to pull your own weight and do what you have to do in order to ensure the raid's wellbeing.

Healers - don't sit back and wait until someone takes damage to start casting the heal.  A good healer (especially a MT healer) is constantly casting heals in hopes that when their heal goes off, it goes off fractions of a second after the target takes damage.  If the target is at full health and you are afraid of OOMing, or need to conserve mana, cancel your heal and start up another one immediately. Don't be afraid to overheal, though.  As long as you are not wrecking your mana reserves, there is nothing wrong with overhealing.

Hopefully this post will help some people out (if anyone ever reads it).  We've all just got to work together as a team, and the 'phat lewtz' will be rollin' in.  Personally, I'd like to see Illidan down before the expansion, so lets get to it.

-- Mirage//Inception.

Loot Council

Botokai, Aug 29, 08 2:28 PM.
The following is an explanation of loot council written by Hebe.

For some of you who might not know how we decide loot in this guild, or for those who know about the loot council but might not be fully informed about its dynamics I want to go ahead and explain everything about it for you here.

First off this guild uses a loot council consisting of 5 members to avoid ties in votes.  We do not use DKP, or any other type of loot system for progression raids.  The only time we roll on items in progression instances is when everyone does not meet loot requirements or the item is deemed not to have enough value as to require loot council.  We also free roll any Kara group that does happen on off-nights.

A mention about loot requirements.  First you must be eligible to receive loot, meaning you have been with the guild for more than two weeks.  Some of the other considerations that we factor in when deciding on loot during the council are, attendance, dedication, consumables, attitude, current gear, set bonuses, guild involvement, and spec. 

(A little side explanation about spec, when you apply to our guild and list your spec we are recruiting you for that spec, if that is not the spec you really want to raid as than you need to talk with an officer about that as you would basically be lying on your application at that point.  Also we know that different spec's are better for a class at different gear levels.)

Our guild leadership has decided that the loot council shall convene 30min before invites start to decide loot before the raid so as to maximize the time spend raiding and limit downtime associated with distribution of loot.

Finally if there are any questions please post them in this thread so they can be addressed for everyone to see.

The following can be found on the post here. Post any comments on the post please.

Botokai, Aug 25, 08 10:51 PM.
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