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Guild Merger
Oct 11, 08 4:50 PM
All done!
Sep 22, 08 5:04 PM
Another Brick in the Wall
Sep 7, 08 2:06 PM
Full Metal
Sep 1, 08 9:26 PM
Always Wear Protection
Aug 29, 08 8:43 PM
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Welcome to the home of Born of Fire!

We are an Age of Conan guild located on the PVE server of Thog. We are looking for strong team players who are not afraid to get into the fray. At this time we are a casual guild with goals set for advancement. It is our intention to enjoy all that Hyboria and AoC have to offer us. If joining with a solid group of players who have extensive backgrounds in RP, PvE & PvP is what you seek, then Born of Fire may be for you.

We are currently accepting members regardless of race or class. We will require Ventrilo only for the ability to co-ordinate activities, role playing will not be required on vent. Role play is encouraged in game, but not mandatory. You are strongly encouraged to follow the RP naming conventions and create unique names for your characters. We ask that a certain maturity level be maintained. As we recognize that maturity is not always synonymous with age, this applies to everyone.

Guild Merger

Kudaga, Oct 11, 08 4:50 PM.
Born of Fire will be merging with some other small guilds on the server. I have left Draeg in charge of the guild and the details of the merger. I wish all of you that have chosen to remain playing AoC the best of luck.


All done!

Kudaga, Sep 22, 08 5:04 PM.
That's right, our T2 city buildings are finally complete!
Still some work to do on the walls, so keep the granite, yew and iron coming and we'll get those upgraded when we have the cash to spare.

Also remember to start saving T3 materials if you can. We will require large amounts of Basalt, Oak, Duskmetal and Gold ore. We will hold off on construction for a bit because there is a rumoured materials cost reduction in the works which would help spread our resources fartther, but we can begin stockpiling ahead of time.

Another Brick in the Wall

Kudaga, Sep 7, 08 2:06 PM.
Alchemist Workshop is now complete, leaving us with one final building to put up for a complete T2 city!

Architect Workshop:

Granite - 1200
Yew - 500
Iron - 400
Electrum - 100

Have plenty of Electrum, but if you wish to donate more I will try and sell it off or trade it for resources we need.

Almost there!

Full Metal

Kudaga, Sep 1, 08 9:26 PM.
Armorsmith successfully upgraded to T2 this evening, just 2 buildings left and we will be done (save for walls, which can wait, they are aesthetic only) and on to T3.

Our 2nd last project, the Alchemist Lab, has a little steeper mats than the last few we've done for some reason:

Granite - 1500
Yew - 750
Iron - 500
Electrum - 200

Always Wear Protection

Kudaga, Aug 29, 08 8:43 PM.
Weaponsmith has been completed, and as the headline may suggest, our next task will be the Armorsmithy. Materials the same as last time:

Granite - 1200
Yew - 500
Iron - 400
Electrum - 100

As always, check out in-game message of the day for an up to date total. Mail any donations of materials directly to me.

Very close to starting T3 now, just 3 buildings to go!
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