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Workshop and Guild was builded
Jul 13, 08 12:57 PM
The Fidelis Barracks Building
Jul 8, 08 5:14 PM
Oblivion PvP Ramage Event
Jul 6, 08 12:20 PM
City Trade Post Built
Jul 5, 08 9:26 AM
City Keep built
Jun 30, 08 5:20 PM
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Welcome to the Oblivion guild website!

Thank you for visiting Oblivion! We are an Age of Conan evil PvP guild on the Twilight Cultural Server.  Membership is open to all races, not just Stygian, however you may feel more at home if you plan to play in an evil manner.

Oblivion has grown quickly and currently has 70+ members, a teamspeak server and a part built city.

We encourage PvP combat wherever possible.  If its red then start swinging!  We seldom kill those of significantly lower levels.  Only when they are annoying, or if its very funny.

Why start a new guild then?  Why not join an existing one?  Well, we would like to build the city, not have it handed to us.  We want to do the quests and fight the battles.  This will let us make a considerable amount of new friends on who we can test our siege weapons.

If you want to be in a growing guild, build a city, make friends and kill others, then join Oblivion.

TO JOIN leave a post on the Applications To Join Oblivion forum or speak to a member of the guild ingame.

Workshop and Guild was builded

539811180_Inactive, Jul 13, 08 12:57 PM.
Toe cutter was build for us two new buildings - its Armorsmith workshop and Thifes Guild! We growing up. Thanks all who donated, and dont stop do so please :D

The Fidelis Barracks Building

539810583_Inactive, Jul 8, 08 5:14 PM.
Two new buildings were added to the guild city tonight.

The library and the barracks.

Money was kindly donated by Fidelis who gave a 2 gold contribution on the understanding that the barracks is named after him.

Ive put the barracks by the city gate because its a multi-level building and will be a good strategic advantage against intruders.

Thanks Fid!

Oblivion PvP Ramage Event

539810583_Inactive, Jul 6, 08 12:20 PM.
Thanks to everyone who turned up to make the first Oblivion Guild PvP Event a success.

We started out by meeting up at the Green Man Tavern in Old Tarntia, then moved down to the Wildlands and occupied the town of Tesso.

We announced the event in Aquilonia chat a few times to either warn people or attract them. 

After a period of lowbie killing some larger prey arrived in the form of the Bridge Burners Guild and some high level members of Cimmerias Finest / Free Worlds Guild.  It was great to get the chance to kill a level 80 (with a little help from my friends obviously :)

The town was successfully held agaisnt all resistance for 1 hour 30 mins.  We then called the event off.

Our standard of play was superb.  We fought a greater force of much higher level characters for at least an hour and showed a lot more taste when it came to issues like ganking and rez point camping. 

We also had a mostly posative responce in the Aquilonian chat channel afterwards which was much more than I expected.  Congrats everyone :)

I had about 60 kills vs 5 deaths, making for a grand total of 368 toes collected .. How about you??

City Trade Post Built

539810583_Inactive, Jul 5, 08 9:26 AM.
Another thanks to everyone who contributed resources and money in the effort to build the Traders building in the guild city.

You can now get access to the auctions, bank and postbox when you are in the guild city / purple lotus swamp.

Next to be built is the Walls and Gatehouse.  Money is needed most.  Total cost 3 gold.

You are welcome to deposit all types of gathered resources in the guild bank as they can all be used by the guild.  When resources are not needed for city building we will distribute them free to guildies with the appropriate trade skills.

City Keep built

539810583_Inactive, Jun 30, 08 5:20 PM.
The guild city Keep has been built today.

Thanks to everyone who donated resources and money.

We have enough resources in the bank now to build the walls and gate but we need more money.  Its approximately 1g 25s for each new building added to the city.
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