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The Visionaries Of Gurhal
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Welcome to the official Visionaries Of Gurhal site!

This here, is the official site. A fresh start after a long break, and involvement with other guilds, I've decided, along with some new and awesome people, to get this back and revamped.

The Visionaries of Gurhal is a guild, that not only plays PSU, but other games as well. There are no requirements to join the VOG, other than:

1. Having a good reputation, ie. No scammers, trolls, etc.
2. Being a cool person whom is willing to help out the community, put on events, and show the game that guilds aren't all about drama and fighting, that it helps players flourish as a whole.

The VOG is based off of a squad system, which is in the works right now, but I will give a little preview of how it works.

For starters, there are going to be roughly 5 squads. Each named after one of the Section IDs in PSO. (Skyly, Redria, Yelllowboze, Whitill, etc.) Each squad will about roughly 4-6 members, and will do various activities, and will receive points, which can be used to manage the squad more independently as a whole. The points will also be used in bi-monthly (every two months), contests between the squads. This will not go into effect right away, but will be started soon once everything is fluid.

Every member, regardless of ranks will receive the same exact treatment, and receive the same amounts of payout from the guild.

We will have a guild shop, that will sell things within the guild, at half of the lowest market value, regardless of % or grinds. Everyone will receive something, not just the guild leader, or officers.

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