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1a : general agreement : unanimity b : the judgment arrived at by most of those concerned
2 : group solidarity in sentiment and belief 


Consensus News

Siskiyou, Feb 10, 09 7:16 AM.
The Consensus Alliance as known before as been dissolved.  Seems like it is not uncommon with alliances or ever guilds when the pressure is on.  Two guilds previously aligned with Consensus have created their own hard-core raid team. There are at least two other guilds who are raiding on a regular basis - Forgotten Legends and Immortal - both have been known to take the occasional extra for their raids. Otherwise, there are at least three groups in Qeynos trying to raid on a regular - perhaps even scheduled - basis that include folks formerly aligned with Consensus. As I hear who the leadership is of these groups, I will publish it here.

UPDATED: 2/24/2009
Another guild that has been raiding fairly often but more European times is Guardians of Peace.  I've observed them taking outside members as well.  The Circle of Heroes alliance (Circle of Storms/Highkeep Heros) have been slowly integrating some of the old Consensus folks into the raids so they can get updates as it fits into their raids. Already there has been a couple of those former consensus folks who have gotten them - I expect to see some more over the next few weeks and months.

Norrath is still for a moment...

Earth_shine, Jan 11, 09 9:12 PM.
... as Consensus earns the first Qeynos Mythicals on Venekor. Congratulations everyone!


Siskiyou, Jan 11, 09 8:40 PM.

Congratulations Lanari, Mulligan, and Deajei on your Mythicals - the first ALL QEYNOS group to get them!

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